Oh, Sandy! Snapshots of a Week Without Light (and a 60-Minute Hurricane Workout)

So I was supposed to post this blog on Tuesday morning, but by Monday evening around 8:30, the lights began to flicker, and then my apartment looked like this.

Flashback: Monday morning.

Screw compression socks. These awesome J Crew socks I recently picked up (thanks mom!) are totally where it’s at. And now, I present to you the view from my office on Monday.

Apparently, the grass is always greener on the other side.

When I was forced to aggressively scale back on my runs only a month or two ago, I became mildly obsessed with strength training videos and workouts in order to maintain a satisfactory level of physical fitness — even if it wasn’t my endurance. Core work can improve your running anyway, right?

Yet now that I’ve been able to slowly ramp up my mileage again, I’ve found myself actually missing some of these sweaty living room workouts. Perhaps the time I spent nursing my injury could ultimately have served a greater purpose after all.

The best part about a hurricane day: not having to rush through my living room workout in order to shower and sprint downtown to the office.

Monday morning, after a 17-mile total in a matter of three days followed by a 24-hour rest period, I was dying to break a sweat. Here’s how it went down.

NYLean25: A 25-minute workout, of which I typically do the first 15 minutes. The final 10 are reserved for cardio and stretching, neither of which I’m really interested in.

8-Minute Abs: An oldie but a goodie, 8-minute abs is perfect for a quick core workout that can be done on your back. Amp up your workout by adding an 8-pound weight to the mix.

8-Minute Buns: I haven’t done this video in years, and I completely forgot how great it was for the gluteal muscles. For a runner — especially a runner who’s prone to piriformis syndrome — this is an especially important area to pay attention to.

8-Minute Legs: Apparently, hurricanes call for extra 80’s fitness fabulousness. What can I say, I just can’t get enough of the instructor’s spandex onesie.

Core Fusion Pilates Plus: Just for fun, I snuck in my favorite 10-minute workout. I actually find the back-and-forth motion at the start of the video somewhat meditative.

Ballet Pilates Fusion 1 and 2: I only completed the first halves of each video. By the time I turned these on, I was pretty over the whole exercise thing, but I felt that I hadn’t done any arm work. This was a great way to throw in some quick biceps and triceps moves.

Being able to squeeze in an hour-long workout despite the natural inclination to be lazy on a random day off from work felt great. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working on the couch all day while watching storm updates and reaching for handfuls of frozen dark chocolate Peanut M&M’s. By sweating for 60-minutes, I became far more conscious of the rest of my decisions (excluding the part about Peanut M&M’s).

Noah and I took a walk to the East River to check out the rising water…

…and when I came home, I made an incredibly healthful and simple arugula and avocado wrap. I think I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.

To top off the day, in addition to scooting happy hour up to 4:00, I finally bought and began to experiment with — wait for it — nutritional yeast! After struggling to maintain my vitamin b12 levels, I’ve finally purchased the one item known to be loaded with more than 400% of your daily value in just two tablespoons.

It looks like fish food. And to be honest, it kind of smells like it too. But I heard that the nutty, cheesy flavor could work well in tomato sauces, and so on Monday evening, I put on my chef’s hat.

This is a half-homemade spicy tomato sauce with pepper and chickpeas, tossed with quinoa pasta. (I put Noah’s on whole-wheat spaghetti.) This would also be the last homemade meal we’d be eating for a few days. The recipe will come next week.

Flashforward: The present.

So here’s where I’ll leave you for, most likely, the weekend. I have no power, Internet or water, and have escaped to Noah’s office for the day just to get some work done, and of course, to say hi to all of you.

A few snapshots from Hurricane Sandy.

(The power goes out in half the city. We live just 3 blocks below the cutoff line.)

(The Empire State Building still shines bright.)

(Noah and I on a very windy rooftop. Can we go inside now, please?)

(Walking around on Tuesday morning. This little kid is loving what he sees. Tree roots! Destruction!)

(A massive tree blocks the view of the U.N.)

(The East River was a mess.)

(Ambulances line up to evacuate NYU patients.)

(Naturally, by Tuesday evening, Noah and I decided to get out for a run. It ironically turned out to be one of the most effortless runs I’ve had in a while. Euphoric and peaceful, I felt as though I were flying above my body. Central Park was obviously closed.)

(The 72nd Street entrance is empty.)

(This was how Noah and I spent the rest of our day.)

(I obviously won.)

Hope everyone on the East Coast is doing well. Stay warm, healthy and dry.

  • Were you affected by Sandy? How are you doing now?
  • What are your favorite iPad apps? Life? Clue? Monopoly? We need entertainment here, people!

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