212 to the 312: On Running, Running and Running (+ a Giveaway Winner)

Since I left you on Wednesday of last week in order to prepare for my weekend as a Chicago Marathon spectator (much more on that — and the ensuing emotions — tomorrow), I ran — and I ran, and I ran.

For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll understand that the aforementioned words are a mark of extreme triumph. For far too long now, I haven’t been able to run as frequently as I’d like, and while my shins aren’t quite free of pain just yet, I’ve been keeping my morning excursions short enough, yet sweet enough, to simply get my fix without overstepping my boundaries.

On Wednesday, I took advantage of the low-visibility and did a 3-mile out-and-back along the East River.

Man, did it feel good to be back there after complaining about the New York City Marathon-induced over-crowded pathways of Central Park.

It was eerie and beautiful, if not slightly off-putting to be unable to see certain distant landmarks like the Queensboro Bridge.

On Thursday, adhering to my run every-other-day plan, I took the morning to strength train so that on Friday, I could knock out 5 miles in Central Park. Fortunately, the park was less crowded than it had been on the weekends, and I was able to complete what I had set out to finish.

Naturally, it felt good to be home, looping around the lower segment of Central Park and stopping to stretch near the Bethesda Fountain.

By midday Friday, it was off to Chicago for Noah’s much-anticipated marathon. While the weekend was sure to be filled with everything running and carbs, I hadn’t actually planned on lacing up my sneakers because I thought I’d take those 2 days in the Midwest to rest my shins.

Like I always say though, if you bring your running sneakers with you, you’ll probably convince yourself that it’s a good idea to run. And that’s exactly what I did.

On Saturday morning, bright and early, Noah and I went out for a quick 3 miler to shake out and warm up his legs, wearing shorts (because they were all I brought) amid 30-something-degree temperatures.

Holy crap, it was cold; but the city sure was beautiful.

We were even able to sneak in a little sightseeing while we were out there…

…even if we were unable to stop running for more than a few moments at a time without freezing our buns off.

After running 2 consecutive days among 2 iconic backdrops, I figured there was no way I could run on Sunday, and that galavanting around the city in search of the Goodman brothers would be exercise enough anyway.

But when I couldn’t fall back asleep on Sunday morning after Noah’s 4:45am wake-up call, and I didn’t have anything else to do, I figured, #*&$ it. I might as well use this time to run.

Downstairs I went to the hotel fitness center — a small, fenced in set-up…

…with a ridiculous entrance…

…and a single treadmill. This is how I feel about treadmills — especially treadmills at 5:30am.

The only good thing about the dreadtreadmill is that, the quicker you can get off of it, the better. And so, what started off as a slow wake-up-your-muscles jog, turned into an all-out sprint in which I ran a 5k in 27 minutes flat. Bonus: I — the self-proclaimed sloth — sustained a sub-7:40 mile for an entire minute. Bam. Impossible is nothing.

I know this wasn’t a tremendous accomplishment — at least, not as much of an accomplishment as what was to come in the next 4 hours. But still, that morning workout (which I topped off with a little weight training and core work), definitely got my engines going. Not only had I run back to back to back days without any significant pain (emphasis on “significant”), but I had pushed myself for a full mile of speed work, which is more than I’ve done in the last ever.

On that positive note, as promised, a giveaway winner!

Congratulations Melanie! I’ll be getting in touch with you via Twitter in the next day or so, and am so excited to send you my copy of Cook Yourself Sexy. Apparently, there is an awesome recipe for pumpkin granola, which sounds a lot like your Clean Oatmeal Pumpkin Protein Bars (which, if you were to mail me a batch of, I really wouldn’t complain).

  • Did you race, marathon or run this weekend? What was the highlight?
  • What is your most memorable post-injury triumph?
  • What are your sentiments on treadmill workouts?

13 thoughts on “212 to the 312: On Running, Running and Running (+ a Giveaway Winner)

  1. I am beyond excited to be the contest winner!!!! : D Cannot wait to receive my copy of Cook Yourself Sexy (maybe YOU will also be receiving a package from ME soon!) and to check out the pumpkin granola!!!!! Oh and glad to hear you had a sucessful weekend getting the miles in!!!! : )

    • Woot! Will send it this coming weekend. Sorry for the delay — but I promise you’ll be happy with the wait. I’ll be shipping it from my family’s chocolate store, so be sure to let me know your fave kind and there may or may not be a sample of it 🙂

      • Oh my- your family has a chocolate store?!?
        ! 🙂 I will wait til you get in touch but I just wanted to mention I joined Twitter for your contest and I just realized this morning that I had set up my account and added 5 accounts to follow in the set-up process (which included yours) but I never confirmed my account through the email link that followed..SO if you did try to contact me via Twitter earlier you wouldn’t have been able to but you can now. Whew, that was a mouthful, lol!

  2. I can’t wait to visit Chicago in December when I go for work, I’ve never been! I really loved running the Hudson River when we visited NYC this past Sept; it’s a nice change from here in Florida 😉

  3. Hi Stacy- just checking in since I haven’t heard from you. Thought of it because Clean Eating Magazine just posted about Candice’s new book… 🙂

    • Yes mam. You can just email me directly (check my contact page) with your address, and I’ll send it out on Sunday as promised!

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