Will Run for Wednesdays: Healthy Fallbacks

Well, this is awkward. For the first time since launching Will Run for Glitter, and since decided to dedicate every Wednesday to a different and relevant running ideal, well, I can’t run. In fact, this week, I Will Run for Nothing. So there.

That’s not to say I’ve been laying low; in fact, it’s been just the opposite (except for Tuesday, when I woke up sick and spent the day working from my couch).

(I realize my lame attempt to make a sad face is totally offset by the fluffy leopard pillow, but you’re supposed to feel bad for me nonetheless. Just go with it. I didn’t exercise. Wah.)

In the absence of running, I’ve been at least attempting to fill my days with other ways to break a sweat and be healthy. Running will always be my Number 1, but perhaps this can serve as a good opportunity to explore other options — maybe even discover my Numbers 2, 3 and 4. Probably not, but maybe.

For now, let’s play a little game. I call it find your center without pavement, Asics and Cat Hill. Let’s see if I can win. Ready, go.

At first, I thought it’d be a great idea to find a handful of classes I’d been wanting to try in the New York City fitness circuit for a while — classes I haven’t yet been to because, you know, I’ve been running.

I made a list, and began scouring the Internet to check out schedules and pricing, from Figure 4 to Fly Barre. As it turns out, the rumors are right. New York City fitness is so elitist! All of a sudden, I began to lament my Asics even more, dreading the idea of actually having to sign up for a class that costs far more than a pair of discounted running sneakers (because, really, is there any other way to buy them?).

Fortunately, I did have a couple of tricks up my sleeve and options to fall back on, and so while I will not run for anything this week, I will do the following in hopes of getting back out onto the pavement in the near future.

1. Physique 57. The last time I tried Physique, I was babysitting my nephew (translation: eating Indian food in the living room since babysitting a newborn requires little else). After chomping down a large bowl of some chickpea dish I can’t pronounce, I felt bloated (I wonder why!) and my brother and sister-in-law were nowhere near done with dinner.

The solution? I popped in one of her Physique DVD’s and got moving. After about 7 minutes, I stopped moving. Physique is tough!

At that moment, I realized that although my running muscles were obviously in order, my non-running muscles were most certainly not. And while I wouldn’t try Physique again for quite some time, I did become determined to incorporate small doses of complementary exercises into my cross and strength training routine.

On Thursday, I’m officially checking out Physique 57 Soho, and I couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned for the official recap later this week.

2. Lean, green and clean. One of the best parts about going back to my parent’s house during summer months isn’t their pool club or the fact that, chances are, my mom has leftover grilled scallops waiting for me in the fridge. It’s my dad’s garden and the abundance of homegrown veggies it produces.

After last weekend, I returned to the city with a farmers’ market’s worth of greens — cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, oh my! In my opinion? Stocking your house with this many vegetables is way better — more affordable and more satisfying — than any juice cleanse. I really don’t get them, but then again, I’ve never tried one either.

On Monday evening, I whipped up a simple, delicious summer salad of romaine lettuce (still good from the previous week), cucumbers, tomatoes and half a can of black beans for a protein punch. I topped it off with a sprinkle of pecorino cheese and salad dressing from Bryant and Cooper, a steakhouse in Long Island that sells its delicious vinaigrette by the pint.

Because I like to keep it lean — but not too obsessively clean — on the side, I made a slice of whole-wheat pita rubbed with olive oil, pecorino and black pepper, toasted to perfection. This turned out to be spot on and a huge winner with Noah.

For “dessert,” I turned to the Nespresso machine, topping off a warm mug of decaffeinated espresso with low-fat almond milk, non-fat whipped cream (re: half of the can), and cinnamon.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll run off to make this right now. Go. I’ll wait.

3. Green tea by the bucket. So, I think my Yogi green tea was trying to tell me something.

When I finally accepted the fact that I was feeling under the weather for the third time since January (really? common, body), I began to worry. Blood disease? Fatal illness? Hypochondriac? Honestly though, I want to say that my crap immune system is simply responding to months and months of stress, over and over again.

It’s ironic, because I spend all day in the office writing about alternative forms of therapy that are meant to boost your immune system and overall well-being and make you so healthy and fit. “Feel Great” is part of our slogan, fergodsake, and yet I’ve neglected to truly try any of these means (massage, acupuncture, the works) to support myself.

Either something’s gotta give or something’s gotta change. For now, I’ll just keep taking advice from my beverage.

4. Yoga (…and wine). This isn’t until next week, but I’m already excited about this yoga and wine business with Ashley — whether I’m back up and running — literally — or not. TBD.

  • What’s one workout you’re dying to try?
  • What are your best tricks for boosting your immune system?
  • Do you have any awesome run stories from the week that I can live vicariously through?

8 thoughts on “Will Run for Wednesdays: Healthy Fallbacks

  1. If I feel under the weather (as I currently do) I go for nutritionally dense food – Fresh green veg and fish, plenty of water! Reduce caffeine and alcohol and run. Unfortunately with my post concussion dizziness running is out of the equation for now…. 😦

    • On the bright side, fresh greens and fish sound awesome. I have such difficulty reducing the caffeine and alcohol, but this week’s mini fever made it a lot easier. At least for the alcohol. 1 glass of wine since Sunday!

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