Calling All Athletes: Embrace Your Ugly!

After 5 finished races and sifting through handfuls of pictures, I’ve come to one solid conclusion: I suck at taking race photos.

This isn’t new news, and I’ve definitely touched on this before. But let’s delve into the notion of unattractive race photos further, shall we?

When I first realized that I was doomed to cringe-worthy photos for the rest of my hopefully long running career, I got sad. I wanted to be one of those glamorous runners whose smiles and stride looked equally effortless, even at mile 12.9.

Instead, I just look pained—like I’m constipated, like I just found out that cookie dough is really, really bad for you. (It’s not, and don’t try to convince me of anything else.)

See? It’s 100% real.


There are tons of ways to describe my expression. Pretty just happens not to be one of them.

What began as a joke to “embrace” our outer ugly (via a few back-and-forth emails containing horrible race photos between the lovely Erica Sara and I) turned into a simple, straight forward Tumblr: the aptly named Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

Runners, triathletes, awesome people in general: Join us in our love of ugly! (And glitter, gummies and wine.)

To submit your ugly race pic, send a jpg attachment to and include the following information:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your twitter handle if you have one
  3. Name of race pictured
  4. Date of race pictured
  5. Your blog (optional, if you’d like us to link to it)

PLEASE note, we will only consider family appropriate images and ask that you only forward us as such. In other words, please have some respect for us: NO DIRTY PICTURES.

  • Will you be submitting your seriously ugly race pic?
  • Cookie dough is healthy: yes or no?

5 thoughts on “Calling All Athletes: Embrace Your Ugly!

  1. Here is the thing about race pics, they say proof on it to prove you did it. My half marathon pic and video is so hideous I do not want to think about it anymore. I’d rather remember the feeling than seeing the visual. How do those marathonfoto places make money anyways? No one want those, lol

    As for cookie dough… Someone said it was bad for you? That’s like finding out about Santa.

  2. I have been running through my house practicing my finish line stride/facial expression/fist pump, asking family questions like, “Do I look like an idiot doing this thumbs up?” Totally embarrassing, but I’ll be finishing my first race soon and I want to have proof. Cookie dough? Totally calorie-free in my world.

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