Weekend Recap: Country Living Is The Life For Me

After a deliciously rainy run on Friday morning, I calculated my totals for the week and reveled in the fact that I had surpassed 30 miles for the first time in many months.

The official rundown:

Saturday: 11 miles East to West around the tip of Manhattan

Sunday: Eat

Monday: 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park

Tuesday: 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park

Wednesday: Strength train

Thursday: 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park

Friday: 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park

As you can see, I’m a woman of variety.

At any rate, Noah and I set out for the middle of nowhere, Pa. sometime on Friday afternoon for a weekend on his friend’s farm.

We woke up on Saturday morning to this — a welcome sight in contrast to Manhattan’s endearing yet completely overwhelming streets.

Yep, I could get used to this laid back lifestyle.

Saturday brought a morning, afternoon and evening of degeneracy, where the only form of physical activity I engaged in were a handful of squats, planks and push-ups in between drinking indulgently, cooking up fajitas (I stuck to meatless ones with peppers and onions, obvs)…

…learning that I do not have a natural talent for horseshoes…

…stuffing myself with Carvel Cake (best Supermarket impulse buy ever)

…and holding my first gun. (Spoiler: I didn’t shoot it. Guns scare the crap out of me as much as thunder and snakes, though I did hold it for all of 3 seconds.)

One thing was clear from the moment we got out there. No, we were not in Manhattan anymore.

This was the type of town where an extra scoop of ice cream on your homemade blueberry pie cost an additional 75 cents, and the waiter apologized for the inconvenience. And yes, I’m still having a very, very difficult time accepting that this kind of place exists. Sunshine and roses, all day every day.

On Sunday morning, Noah and I woke up around 9:30 with a serious need to sweat. I was so glad at that moment that I packed my running shoes. With the rest of the house still fast asleep, we snuck outside, dodging beer bottles and leftovers, and set out for a 5 mile loop that would take us up and down a mountain.

Unfortunately, the “up” part came way too soon, as in the second we got to the road. It was about a 3/4-mile stretch to the top, and while the first quarter of a mile felt pretty awesome, the second quarter resulted in heavier and heavier breathing, and by the end, I had induced an asthma attack. That was not cool.

Still, the run was absolutely breathtaking — and not only in literally terms. Running in Manhattan day after day can really brainwash you to think that you actually enjoy weaving in and out of tourists and commuters alongside loud screeches and car horns. It’s not until you’re surrounded by the silence of the country and serene 360-degree views that you realize how precious empty roads can really be.

Of course, I was grateful that Noah was with me; I’d never have ventured out alone in such an unfamiliar setting. I was also really grateful to sweat out the booze, excess food and Carvel Cake before hitting the road for a too-long car ride that would take us back home to New York.

Now, it’s back to reality. On the schedule for the week is another 20 miles (for a total of 25; I already ran 5 on Sunday) and a much-needed yoga class. I’ve been experiencing a sharp pain in my knee lately (not on the IT band side), and I’m not quite sure what to make of it, and so I plan on taking this week to get my mileage in while simultaneously being mindful of that discomfort.

As for Sunday’s run, I can only hope to channel some of Pennsylvania’s tranquility as I return to the chaos that is Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong; I love this city to pieces. But after a weekend on the farm, I’m thinking that country living may be the life for me after all.

  • How were your weekends? Did you take any interesting and out of the ordinary runs, with or without cow sightings?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Country Living Is The Life For Me

  1. Beautiful photos as always. Sounds like a very refreshing weekend. The only running I did this weekend was to set up for my youngest son’s 5th birthday. No cows. 🙂

  2. That run seemed amazing! I was vacationing in Jupiter, FL with some friends in April an a friend and I mapped out a 9 mile run through the beautiful houses there! It was nice to go through a brand new area and just take I’m the scenery! I know it wasn’t quite the rural countryside but any change up definitely helps!

    I am also terrified of guns. My boyfriend owns 2, and when he takes them out I basically move into the fetal position. Pretty standard!

    • That’s so nice – I’m sure Florida was insanely hotter than PA. And yep, fetal position sounds about right. So not into that.

  3. I’ve been traveling for the past five days, out in LA with my husband’s family. I’ve enjoyed off-setting some of the meals (eating out 2-3x/day is standard for this family!) with early morning runs. Saturday morning I got 10 miles in.

    • That’s so impressive! And all the excuse you need to indulge the rest of the day. 10 milers is no easy feat!

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