Calling All Athletes: Embrace Your Ugly!

After 5 finished races and sifting through handfuls of pictures, I’ve come to one solid conclusion: I suck at taking race photos.

This isn’t new news, and I’ve definitely touched on this before. But let’s delve into the notion of unattractive race photos further, shall we?

When I first realized that I was doomed to cringe-worthy photos for the rest of my hopefully long running career, I got sad. I wanted to be one of those glamorous runners whose smiles and stride looked equally effortless, even at mile 12.9.

Instead, I just look pained—like I’m constipated, like I just found out that cookie dough is really, really bad for you. (It’s not, and don’t try to convince me of anything else.)

See? It’s 100% real.


There are tons of ways to describe my expression. Pretty just happens not to be one of them.

What began as a joke to “embrace” our outer ugly (via a few back-and-forth emails containing horrible race photos between the lovely Erica Sara and I) turned into a simple, straight forward Tumblr: the aptly named Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

Runners, triathletes, awesome people in general: Join us in our love of ugly! (And glitter, gummies and wine.)

To submit your ugly race pic, send a jpg attachment to and include the following information:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your twitter handle if you have one
  3. Name of race pictured
  4. Date of race pictured
  5. Your blog (optional, if you’d like us to link to it)

PLEASE note, we will only consider family appropriate images and ask that you only forward us as such. In other words, please have some respect for us: NO DIRTY PICTURES.

  • Will you be submitting your seriously ugly race pic?
  • Cookie dough is healthy: yes or no?

6 Ways I Ruined Healthy Choices This Weekend …And Loved It

Getting my longer, 8-mile run of the week around Central Park’s reservoir out of the way on Thursday turned out to be a brilliant idea. Not only was I care-free and able to enjoy my weekend without stressing about the when and the where of my workout, but doing so meant I could spend Friday through Sunday pretending to be all healthy while not actually living up to that description at all.

1. Fried stuff and meat. I’m Jewish, so fried stuff doesn’t exactly agree with my sensitive stomach. And then there’s the fact that I rarely eat non-vegetarian sources of protein, and so when I do, my digestive system definitely recognizes the difference.

Fortunately, it was my parent’s 37th anniversary dinner (which I totally crashed). And after helping my dad pick healthful veggies from the garden, I was faced with a plate of lightly fried crabcake balls and crispy duck dumplings at a shmancy French restaurant. And it was all delicious.

2. A 4.5 mile run with a massive water break. I knew two things about my running schedule going into this weekend. 1 was that I wanted to finish a shorter run early on Saturday morning before heading out to Eastern Long Island to the vineyards. The other was that I didn’t want to run — or do much of anything else — on Sunday. Rest day. Much needed.

Both were a definite success. After a sound night of sleep in my parent’s house on Friday, I woke up on Saturday at 6:30 am on my own, and headed out into the thick, muggy suburban air for a slow and pleasant 4-mile-or-so run. The only problem? I used my grandparent’s house as a water station and wound up staying to chat for 45 minutes.

3. Wine. Lots of it. Probably something like 3 bottles of it, to be exact. And while 1 or 2 glasses of wine may be considered generally good for your health, several bottles is probably overkill. Summer is bad for my liver.

4. I ordered a salad at the pizza place. And then proceeded to attack the pizza anyway, no thanks to the wine.

5. I ate a big plate of fruit. Followed by a slice of amazing birthday cake. So much for sticking to the produce platter at my nephew’s 2nd birthday party!

6. Sunday’s seafood meal. Scallops, soft shell crab and shrimp would be an otherwise healthful meal, that is, if they weren’t smothered in butter. Best. Meal. Ever.

So this is where I’d otherwise offer up some long-winded monologue about how important it is to be healthy and avoid temptation and blah, blah, blah. But that’s just not my style. At all.

I’ve had two pretty solid weeks of running and training in anticipation of the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I’m loving the increased mileage (30-plus miles over each of the last couple weeks) and have been making a strong attempt to be mindful of the importance of nutrition and foam rolling and all that fun.

These factors are all important. But you know what else is crucial to your sanity? Fun. And playing with awesome puppies that you can give back to your brother and sister-in-law after an hour or so.

A word from the unwise: Don’t let your pursuit of perfection get in the way of living life to the fullest; because sometimes, it’s nice to have that extra glass or 12 of wine, that second piece of birthday cake, that butter-soaked scallop. It’s a matter of balance.

Now that it’s Monday, back to reality.

  • What was the most delicious part of your weekend?
  • How do you balance work and fun, healthy and naughty, mindfulness and indulgence?