We Gonna Celebrate: Consistency, a New Race & My 100th Post!

Boy does time fly when you’re having fun. And by having fun, I mean staying up late and waking up early to write about your deepest feelings on running and sharing them with the entire world.

Speaking of; hello there, friends.

If you can’t tell from the overt title or my overzealous introduction, today marks the 100th blog post on Will Run For Glitter. (Hooray!) And while this is going to sound completely cliche, I cannot believe I’ve come this far in so little time.

To spare you any drawn out analysis of what blogging has done for my life, my running, and blah, blah, blah, I’ll leave you with this single thought.

If you love running, and if you’ve never put your thoughts of running down on paper — or on a computer screen — then I highly suggest you start. For one, it holds you accountable for your ideas, actions, and goals. And yet another more innocent reason is that it’s kind of nice to be able to log all your runs — the good and the bad, mind you — so that, after even the worst of runs you can remind yourself of how awesome they can be and, after the best of runs, you can humble yourself in response.

If I’ve learned nothing else in the past 6 years of running and 5 months of blogging, it’s that running — like life itself — is about balance, and if you don’t have balance, well, then you should probably go out and get some.

I suppose that, based on my current mood, Wednesday’s run was extremely accurate and appropriate, neither breathtaking nor boring. Spending Tuesday on the East River provided me with the breather I needed from Central Park, so by Wednesday, I was content enough to plug my way uptown to the Inventor’s Gate at 72nd. Street and 5th Avenue and circle the lower loop.

Like many of my runs as of late, I felt generally consistent and strong throughout. The only setback to Wednesday morning’s 5 mile lap around the lower loop of Central Park was the fact that I felt generally unmotivated to kick up my speed at any point during the run, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there’s nothing particularly inspiring about it either.

What did inspire me, as I pounded the same pavement that’s been eating the bottom of my Asics for several years now, is the idea of consistency. Is it yawn-worthy? Maybe. Uninspiring? Sure, in a lot of ways, that’s probably true — consistency can be somewhat uncreative.

When it comes down to it though, I also realized that I will always be happier being consistent during my runs; to be able to say that I had 5 pretty good days in a row rather than 2 long runs and slept in the other days of the week. Maybe I like consistency. Maybe I like routine. And maybe — just maybe — it’s what works for me, and so I think I’ll keep it that way.

OK, so I can be a creature of habit sometimes. Consistency has a hand in a lot of the things I do. It’s why I’ve been running nearly every morning since I was a sophomore in college; why I eat a salad at almost every meal; why I snack on dark peanut M&Ms pretty much every night before bed. It’s why I recap my days, my runs, my meals, my passions, my fears, and my goals on a daily basis; and I credit it — consistency — for a lot of the positive progress and realizations I’ve made since launching WRFG earlier this year.

As an ode to 100 days of blogging, running, eating, drinking, writing, reflecting and all that fun stuff, let’s look back at 100 of my favorite moments from the past 6 months. Just kidding. I’m only forcing you to check out these 6.

Valentine’s Day Amazingness: A Moonlit Glittery Manhattan Run: Unlike most Manhattan couples, Noah and I have spent the past 2 years — our only 2 years living in NYC — running on Valentine’s Day. No price fixed menu, no overpriced meals. Just us, a mild February evening, and a bottle of wine and cheese waiting for us when we got home. Oh, and an impromptu pit stop at The Standard Beer Garden for a tall one. Lesson #7405: Always run with a credit card.

Sunday Funday: Short Runs, Dumplings and Donuts: When you’re training for races and running for distance, it can be so easy to get lost in the noise of it all and to forget why you run in the first place. Sometimes, it’s nice to forget about splits, gus, and hill work (not that I know what any of those are like), and to incorporate something silly into your runs. Like dumplings. And donuts. Both are worthy prizes to break a sweat for, and on this one particular Sunday, I ran for both of them. And alliteration, apparently.

Race and Weekend Recap: Cherry Blossom 10-Miler 2012: I didn’t only love this race for the distance or the course, both of which were awesome. I loved the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler for the entire weekend. Noah and I planned a great little train ride down, during which we got drunk and I spilled wine all over him. We spent time with his family, ate great food, drank too much 2 nights before the run, and raced our hearts out. It was also the first time I hit 9-minute miles for 5 miles in a row after so many years of consistently running 10’s. Maybe there’s more speed in me than I think.

Lower Loops of Central Park = Easier Than The More/Fitness Half: I’ll keep this one short and simple. After a really tough race, in which I PDRed despite the heat, Harlem and Cat Hills, and the extra 2 miles I tacked on before, I decided that I needed to come back down to earth. My mantra, following the More/Fitness Half Marathon, became, “I will not take this run for granted.” I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of maintaining that attitude since then.

Going Greenbelt: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Trail Running: I had been wanting — ok, obsessing over — trail running for a while now, and have been fortunate enough to check out a few awesome courses over the last couple of months. The Greenbelt Trail was one of my first though, and it was a real ass-kicker. This is where I talk about the 5 things I wish I’d known before hitting the trails, which turned out to be a massive uphill slope with snakes and other elements I dislike.

Will Run For Wednesdays: I Run For Me: This one’s from just the other day, but I find that the topic of “running for yourself” is always an important one to touch upon and a nice way to round off my favorite posts since WRFG began. There are so many distractions in the running world at times — especially as this simple sport becomes more popular, trendy, and complicated. But whether or not you hop on the bandwagon and partake in whatever fad comes around, it is always important to check in on yourself and to make sure that you’re making whatever decision it is that you are for the right reasons. Remember: Run for you. No one else.

Thank you all so much for your support so far! On a side note, I just signed up for the Philadelphia Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with my cousin DAM and am so excited to have a race to look forward to this fall. (Then we realized that the race falls on the first day of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana, so it looks like we’ll be sprinting straight from the finish line home to New York.) More on that tomorrow!

  • How do you maintain balance when you run day after day?
  • Are you running the Philly Half? I’ve never done a Rock ‘n Roll race; what are they like?
  • Are there any topics that interest you in particular or that you’d want to hear more (or less!) of in the future?

28 thoughts on “We Gonna Celebrate: Consistency, a New Race & My 100th Post!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post. I think consistency with anything is key: for improvement and for balance. I like how you remember that running is for you, and you help create that accountability through your blog.

    The rock n’ roll races are amazing! I just had a friend run the one in Portland. Totally different experience than a “regular” race. Have fun!

    • Thank you! I’m so excited that it’s the Philly one, I’ve heard great things. Something to look forward to!

    • The question is: did you regret not having your credit card on your because you’d have bought an umbrella, taken a cab, or bought a glass of wine? (I’m assuming the latter, though maybe all three?) I only bring it on weekends, not weekdays since I’m usually focused on runs only. But every time I forget mine on a weekend, I’m pissed off. Inevitably the ice cream man goes by or something.

  2. Yay for 100 posts! I’m so glad I found you 15 posts ago or so–I look forward to reading every day.

    Sticking with the theme, I 100% agree with you about consistency. It is THE KEY to living a healthy lifestyle! And I applaud your dedication 🙂

    • Thank you Katie! I always appreciate your comments. It’s definitely the key to a healthy lifestyle, and it also makes those “rouge” days that much more satisfying.

  3. Stacy I don’t blog but agree 100% on putting your runs on paper or a computer screen. Garmin connect/trainingpeaks keeps me accountable (and I find it rewarding to see all the runs after i do them). Sometimes I post on a forum or brag on facebook, but mostly love to see the runs uploaded myself. Run for you, no one else, is the most important thing about running in my opinion, well done. There are no shortage of people who will be faster, stronger, and generally do things differently or better. There are no shortage of people who know everything about running/fitness/health/everything and will think that what they say or do is an absolute. You’re different…do you!

    • I love this, Ironwout! Still, I’m incredibly intimidated by Garmins and any other sort of tracking device. I think knowing my speed and distance would make me crazy, which is why I love the MapMyRun app for now. I can turn it on, and not look at it until I’m almost done with my run, which is great. No pressure, just results.

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! I also liked the V-day idea/tradition of a good run finished off with a bottle of wine and cheese! I’ll have to remember that one…

      • Agree whole-heartedly! We actually just started insanity together…. Quite a bit different from running, but still a good thing to do together. Especially for people who are into running or some type of fitness, I really do think you need to find someone else who “gets it” and is on board in at least some way!

  5. Congrats on 100! I’m happy I came across the blog. I like the variety in the posts and I can relate to starting the blog to hold yourself accountable to your workouts and running. Now I just need help getting my boyfriend to jump on the running train with me!!

    I am also signed up for the RnR Philly Half! I want it to be my PR! It will be during the NYC Marathon training so I am hoping for the best. I haven’t raced a half marathon in over a year so lets keep our fingers and toes crossed. I have run a few RnR races and some are definitely better than others (**Vegas sucked, New York 10k was awesome, you should sign up if you can).

    Anyways, I (and I’m sure the community) appreciates your dedication 🙂

    • Thank you! I so appreciate that. And my suggestion: bribery. Offer to cook an awesome dinner or do the laundry or something.

      I am so excited for it! I’ve never done the RnR races because I heard they kind of suck, but a friend recently told me that Philly was great and so a few days later, I was in. If I were running it alone, I’d have aimed for a PR…since I PRed during my last half, and it was under the worst of circumstances. I know I still have tons of room for improvement and would love to milk it. But I’m running with my cousin, so it may turn out to be more of a fun run than anything else. I guess we’ll see! You will SO rock a PR during your NYC Marathon training. I feel it.

  6. Awesome sauce on the 100 posts! I know that I’ve enjoyed following along since the CUCB, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying the blogging!

    I think consistency, even as unsexy as it may seem, is vital and key and one of the most important things to any sort of practice or creative work. I’m glad that you mentioned it, and that it’s actually quite a part of this blog (as I take it in).

    And I’ve never done the RnR, but a few acquaintances did the DC one earlier this year and LOVED it. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve come along for the ride, and I really appreciate your feedback throughout. I do like the thought of consistency being unsexy, I must admit. I’m not usually going for sexy. Especially when I have more pairs of running shorts than skirts in my closet.

      • Well, unsexy as in the “not always the most fascinating thing to talk about (at least for most people).” (And, if it makes you feel better, I definitely have more shirts from races than shirts I wear for work. *wink*)

  7. I ran the Philly rock and roll half last year – my first half – and it was great! Great crowds cheering you on, great course, and lots of MUSIC which keeps things fun! I would definitely recommend it!

    • Awesome! It’s my cousin’s first, so that’s GREAT news. Especially since she won’t have music. (I run with music – woops!)

  8. Training for this last marathon made me forget how much I loved running. Between trying to run fast, train harder, etc, I lost sight of why I started in the first place….an hour of Elizabeth time…oh and being able to drink beer and eat what I want 🙂

    Our post race meal was pizza, ice cream and beer. Heavenly!

    • That sounds awesome! You also just described why I’m so afraid of running my first marathon and am so apprehensive to do it. At least halves, for now, don’t require THAT much effort.

  9. My first marathon wasn’t that way!! I loved training for that!! this one I just changed my focus from “just finishing” to “under 4:30”. it sucked! hahah

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