A Weekend of Few Words: From Central Park to Lobster Claws

This is about as crazy as my weekend would get. After a delicious BYOB dinner at Agora on Friday night, I returned home to share a glass of wine with a friend, which obviously resulted in me foam rolling. 4 days of great runs and lots of lunges and squats meant that my quads and glutes were in need of some major TLC, and that’s exactly what they got. Of course, my friend was amused enough to snap this photo evidence of my craziness.

As usual, I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and was dressed and ready to run by 9am. Naturally, I was out of all clean running clothes, including a sports bra and shorts, so I ended up wearing a yoga top (under my t-shirt) and Noah’s large shorts. (They were rolled up at least 7 times.) It was really quite the outfit.

Central park was phenomenal.

The reservoir was absolute perfection…

…if not still a little dewy from the night before.

In all, I ran about 9 miles and felt great almost the entire time. The temperature was perfect, the park wasn’t too crowded, and my body felt generally strong, though I preferred the pavement to the Bridle Path. I even pushed myself up hills during the first 5 miles of the run, which is pretty much the only “speed work” I ever do.

When I got home, I spent the morning on my own whipping up a healthful lunch of chickpeas, Parmesan cheese, egg whites, black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Simple yet delicious, and with plenty of protein.

I headed out to Long Island in the early afternoon, equipped with everything I needed for a weekend of fun: a cold water bottle and a trashy gossip magazine (major guilty pleasure).

Once out there, I spent the day relaxing, eating larger-than-life blueberries…

…feasting on giant lobsters with my mom…

…and passing out before midnight. I slept nearly 10 hours on Saturday night and woke up ready to be lazy and sit on my ass all Sunday morning. Instead, my brother called me “lazy,” prompting me to put on my shorts, an old sports bra, and a pair of worn out running sneakers. I only ran 3 or 4 miles, but it was really calming to be in the suburbs, running without any music. Just me, myself, and the silence. It took a lot of energy to get myself out the door, but once I finished, I was certainly happy I did it.

One of my favorite parts about being at my parent’s house is the abundance of fresh ingredients. For my post-run lunch, I made myself a small salad of radicchio, cucumber, grilled portabella with roasted pepper, and half of a lobster tail from the night before. Take that, Manhattan cuisine.

The weekend ended with a major flashback; a totally 80’s themed party in celebration of my cousin’s birthday.

So there you have it. Lots of running, lots of alone time, lots of food, and a day in the suburbs of New York City. Not a bad way to recharge the old battery, if you ask me.

  • How was your weekend? Any “me” time or lobster feasts?
  • Have you ever foam rolled drunk?
  • What’s your favorite part about the 80’s? (Mine = neon.)

14 thoughts on “A Weekend of Few Words: From Central Park to Lobster Claws

  1. Um, why do you even own a scrunchie? The rest of your post became a distant memory once I spotted the scrunchie 😉
    I went to dinner last night, had some wine & then started massaging my sore quads & glutes at the table. My dinner companions were amused but at least they are dancers so they understood!

    • Well, if an explanation is needed, which I suppose it is, we bought the neon ones. Apparently H&M says they’re back. As for the black one on my wrist, thanks mom for saving everything from back in the day! I’m not gonna lie though, I totally kept it. It’s sitting in my apt right now just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear. I need to hang out with more dancers. My friend just took pictures of me because she thought it was so weird.

  2. Gossip magazines are one of my guilty pleasures too. Love ’em in a pedicure chair!

    I bet you were rocking that outfit on the run – and the post-run chickpea and egg dish looks phenomenal! I’m so glad I have some chickpeas soaking right now so I can whip up something similar!

    • Yum! I love chickpeas after a run. Usually I eat vegetarian, and thought I didn’t have anything with protein in the apt. so I ate two slices of my bf’s turkey just to get it in me. Then I realized I had protein and egg whites. Major fail!

  3. we did dinner in your hood this weekend and missed you – but good to see you were eating well. cya soon!

  4. I run, hike and bike in merino wool. I can seriously sweat in it and no smell at all. Not kidding! Makes for a lot less laundry for workout clothes since I regularly go week or more in them. Smartwool, Icebreaker and Stoic make extremely light weight clothes just for this. And no they don’t itch, they are extremely soft and light. Many people are shocked when I tell them my shirts are wool!
    And I loved the 80’s fashion party even if it did give me flashbacks to high school, Oh horrors!

  5. Those berries are HUGE! Can’t say I’ve ever foam rolled drunk. Or sober 🙂
    And scrunchie socks are by far my fav part of the 80s, though the frizzy crimped hair is a close second.

    • Love! Though my nephew called this type of hair “knotty” when you asked how it looked. He’s gonna be a heart breaker. Get a foam roller! Best device ever.

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