Wishful Wednesday on Thursday! Bam. Rogue Blogging.

Tricky, aren’t I? There are 2 ways to justify the fact that you’re reading a Wishful Wednesday post dated for Thursday. One is that I wrote this on Wednesday, technically, and so therefore I am still being wishful on the appropriate day. The other is that I completely lost track of time, as usual, and could really use another day in the week. Preferably on the weekend, though that wouldn’t really do anything for my efficiency – just my tanning and running schedule.

Anywho, my accidental purposeful decision to hold off on Wishful Wednesday for just one day was apparently fated, because my recap, 60 Minutes of Sweat: The Living Room Workout, was actually Freshly Pressed on WordPress (my second time being honored on their homepage, hoorah!) yesterday afternoon.

That said, welcome to all of you who have stumbled upon Will Run For Glitter, whether by choice or not. I hope you find my witless banter and general ranting entertaining enough to stick around a while.

And if not, well, smell ya later!

Now, on with being wishful.

Wish #1. I hope I never get that foot numbing pain I felt on Wednesday while running ever again. Ever.

So what was up with that? I woke up on Wednesday morning more excited to run than I have been in a while. After 3 days of trail running in Upstate New York, I took 2 days off – 1 to rest and another to strength train in my apartment – and so by Wednesday, I was ready to eat pavement for breakfast again. (To be followed by peanut butter and jelly on brown rice crackers, of course.)

Even more exciting was that Noah decided to run with me, which is perhaps more rare than being inaugurated into the Freshly Pressed family. I will say, it was awesome to have company on my first day running again back in Manhattan after 5 days off, and so thank you, Noah, for getting your non-morning-person self out of bed for little old moi.

About that foot thing though. I can only attribute the fact that I continually suffered from a completely numb foot during several points of the run to 3 things. If you have input, this is where I’d really appreciate it.

1. My body somehow got used to trail running during those 3 days upstate and were unhappy with the impact of pavement during my first morning back.

2. Do I need new sneakers already? Has it been 3 months or 300 miles? I really need to start keeping track of that. There go those cute sandals I wanted to buy; looks like Asics (and a pair of trail running shoes, hopefully) will be my only footwear purchases this month.

3. My calves are insanely tight again, which I’ve dealt with before. Tight calves, as I learned, often stem from tight other areas too – like the hamstrings and IT band and more, oh my! Whether or not my calves were the source, I’ll definitely be foam rolling tonight.

Wish #2. I hope to maintain a sense of gratitude for my capacity to run.

Not long ago, I brought up this idea of being grateful for every run I get. (What I actually said was that I would try not to take my runs for granted.) And I have to say, I feel as though I’ve done a good job with maintaining this optimistic yet not overly zealous attitude.

Despite my lingering foot pain on Wednesday, I somehow mustered the ability to be grateful. I didn’t want to take my first day back for granted because I so badly didn’t want to revert back to my runner’s slump.

The first time I stopped was after doing a full lap of the lower loop of Central Park. I told Noah in advance that I’d need to stretch, and thankfully, he was totally supportive. He even asked if I wanted to walk, but I have a strict no walking policy on morning runs; time is of the essence.

I figured that all I needed was a good calf stretch and we’d be on our way, but to my dismay, the tingling sensation stuck around. It was a lot harder than I thought to shake, and eventually, while we started running again at a slow and reasonable pace, I just accepted that the rest of my excursion would be somewhat sub-par.

Like coming to terms with the fact that you’re never going to be a basketball star in the WNBA (not that I’m sour, or anything), acceptance is the first step in moving on. I had about a mile or so to go until I was back home in my apartment, and so rather than wince and whine, I put a smile on my face and began to revel in the fact that I was incredibly uncomfortable.

And why not. The sun was miraculous and shining after 2 days of rain; the air was thick and moist, suggesting the onset of summer; and I was finally back in Central Park, my all-time favorite place in the world to run. Sure, my foot hurt like hell. And yes, I had to stop 2 more times to stretch in that short 1-mile path to my apartment. But as long as I was running, I wasn’t going to take it for granted. So I sure as heck didn’t.

Wish #3. I hope everyone has a marvelous, delicious, relaxing and RUNtastic Memorial Day weekend.

I actually forgot that Memorial Day was even upon us as of 2 weeks ago, so when I realized that I had a 3-day weekend to look forward to, you can bet your bottom dollar I was insanely excited.

Usually, I’d plan an awesome weekend, but with my recent busy schedule and obliviousness to national holidays, it seems that I’ve nothing on my plate. That leaves me with options though. Rather than traveling and sitting in traffic, I plan on spending the long weekend relaxing, catching up (on work, sleep, and everything in between), drinking delicious breakfast cocktails, and running my heart out – so long as my foot doesn’t act up. Essentially, I want to catch up on myself. I hope you’re granted the opportunity to do the same for yourself this weekend too.

  • Pretend I’m your genie and GO! What are your wishes of the week?
  • Any good Memorial Day plans to make me jealous of?
  • If you have any information on why my foot went numb on Wednesday, I’m seriously open to advice. That’s the best part about this tightly knit running community; we’re so hell bent on avoiding paying physical therapists and overpriced physicians that we’ll share anything and everything we know. Do tell!

18 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday on Thursday! Bam. Rogue Blogging.

  1. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    Nothing for me this weekend, as our holiday was LAST weekend, and I ended up working all weekend. Boo.

    ANd your foot? Ummmmm…..not sure. Could be the trail running for a few days and then the pavement made those newly beginning to be conditioned muscle get seriously pissed at you. Or maybe tendonitis? You do run a great deal, can you go back and look at credit card statements to see when you bought your last pair of shoes?

    • Thank you! I have a holiday this weekend and am STILL not doing anything, so boo again.

      I think it was the trail running because I had a wonderful run this morning. First day back was probably just a transition after 3 days on the dirt. And that’d be a great idea if my boyfriend didn’t purchase our shoes…with change we saved up for a year! That just made me chuckle.

      • Ha! That’s how I buy shoes too. 🙂 I’m going to start looking on the running room clearance page though. They bring a new model out like every 6-9 months, so I’m going to try and scoop mine up at half price from the website!

  2. Huge congrats on the second Freshly Pressed! That’s awesome!

    Our plans this weekend: Berry picking tomorrow, meditation retreat Friday night through Sunday evening, and then OFF-OFF-Glorious-OFF on Monday (no plans).

    And is it 300 miles for shoes? I thought I’d been told 500, but I hit around 325 and have started having foot issues (where it gets all crampy and tight). For that, I have a frozen bottle of water in the freezer and roll it under my foot. A massage therapist once told me a tennis ball would work, too, to get deeper.

    • Thank you! O wow the frozen bottle of water is brilliant. I must try this immediately. I’ve used a tennis ball before, as well as my boyfriend’s first under my calf. Both work equally well.

      Yea, I mean it’s going to differ from one person to the next but I find that 300, or about when the numbers on the bottom of the shoe wear down, is about it for me. Especially with a tendency to develop piriformis syndrome, I have to be super careful.

      Have a great Monday off! I have no plans either, but wouldn’t be opposed to you packing me along in your bag to go berry picking. Enjoy!

      • When I started having plantar facisatis (sp?) issues a while back ago, someone recommended the iced water bottle and it’s *awesome* – it massages! It cools! It… um… doesn’t make julienne fries.

        And yes, definitely be super careful. Have fun finding new shoes! 🙂 YAY!

        I’ll pop a few berries for you! Enjoy your time resetting! 🙂

  3. I am planning to hang in the backyard for the upcoming weekend with great eats and drinks. Hope the neighbors have left so can have some peace and quiet this weekend:) Have a Great Day!

  4. Firstly, well done on being freshly pressed! It was a great post….this is a great blog!

    Secondly, I’m not much help with the foot issue although I have experienced a similar thing myself, but after buying new shoes – it went away after a couple of runs! You’re probably right about the trail to pavement transition. Great idea with the frozen massage!

    On a side note – Stephanie – I think the mileage depends on the runner. I’ve taken shoes in after 300 miles and the running store assistant looks at me like I bought them yesterday! I’m much closer to the 500 before I need to change them….which is good because it gives me longer to save that change!

    Happy memorial day! We’re off for a weekend away with lots of swimming planned (with the kids – so more sliding and splashing than breaststroke!).

    Happy running!

  5. Hey! Have you tried a foam roller for stretching out those sore parts?

    I wish I had gone running today.
    I wish I wil be ready for my 3k by September (first run 🙂

    I’m actually going to start blogging about how I am prepping for my 3k next week so I found your blog at the perfect time!

    • That’s awesome, good luck with your blog and your first 3k! You’re going to rock it. And yes, I foam roll like a beast 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  6. Glad you were Freshly Pressed! Happy to add you to my blog reader.
    Wishes for the week. Hm… To finish all my work in time for a belated long weekend!
    As to your foot, I’m no medical professional, but had toe numbing a couple years ago due to shoes that poked at my pinkie toe in an uncomfortable way. I kept wearing the shoes anyway and my foot would be partially numb for hours after my workout. Not recommended, I’m sure. If that’s also your problem, it’s an easy fix. Good luck!

    • I think I need a new pair of sneakers to alleviate that pain. I’m hoping that’s all it is, since it kind of came back this morning. Fortunately, I was able to shake it off pretty quickly and be on with it.

  7. Great shots!!!! I haven’t been by your blog lately (life is so crazy) & you have some FABULOUS pics!!!! You alyaws do great work!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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