Gone Fishin’ (Literally): A Running and Eating Slideshow

So, I’m going to keep this short and simple.

I ran 5 miles through Central Park on a sunny Thursday morning. It was strong and consistent. The sun was out, and it felt warm and amazing. I love crisp, 50-degree spring mornings. Good stuff.

Thursday was extremely busy thanks to my last minute decision to take a personal day on Friday. So by the time I hit all my daily goals – yes, all of them – and left the office, you can imagine how excited I was when, while wandering around looking for a good outdoor spot to meet a friend of mine, I stumbled upon Madison Square Eats – a small, packed little area right next to the park with amazing little food stands, wine and beer. If you happen to live in New York City, I highly suggest that you hit this up while it’s still going (it runs until June 1st).

Along with a few good friends (I even ran into my old roommates / the girls I go to Miami with once a year), we ate, we drank, we people and dog watched. On the menu (besides a lot of generously filled plastic cups of white wine, of course):

Mystery fried pesto and mozzarella risotto balls (these were insanely good) from Arancini Bros…

Chicken and beef hot dogs from ASIADOG showered with all sorts of goodies, like chips and cucumber salsa (totally broke my no meat rule to try these)…

A black bean, avocado and cheese quesadilla from Calexico (these were my contribution to the feast)…

Lobster and shrimp rolls from Red Hook Lobster…

And some mystery Asian-y vegan bun thing from Hong Kong Street Cart.

If you didn’t know it before, my girls can eat! (Um, we also had a grilled cheese, but it was inhaled way too quickly to capture a photo.)

I don’t think I need to say this, but obviously it was a great and delicious end to my suddenly shortened week.

More importantly, I’m going fishing!

No, really. There are probably few people who can actually say this and mean it, but today, and this weekend – thanks to a last minute decision to actually do it – I will actually be gone fishing.

Enjoy the weekend, and get some great runs in. You can bet I will too in Upstate New York.

To all those participating in the Brooklyn Half Marathon, you’re freaking champions. Run your hearts out.

Now, to catch me some pickerel. (Photo evidence of the weekend to come.)


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