Wishful Wednesday: Will Run for Glittery Yoga Garb & Big Dreams

Yesterday, all my dreams came true—but it wasn’t without help. On a rainy Tuesday morning, after 45 minutes of Core Fusion videos, a 1-minute headstand, and strength training somewhere between my coffee table and TV, it hit me. I hate everything I’m wearing right now, I thought to myself, from my old mesh Maryland shorts (I didn’t even go there!) to my stretched out sports bra (which is weird, because there isn’t much to stretch the fabric anyway).

So here’s my first confession of the day. I used to be a fancy workout gear hater. What’s the point, I’d say to myself, if all I’m going to do is get sweaty and toss it in the laundry anyway?

As I’ve continued to explore this wonderful world of fashion in the New York City fitness circuit, however, more and more, I’m learning that it’s not about what you wear; it’s about how it makes you feel. And if that’s the case, I can’t even begin to describe how empowered I felt while merely staring at the rack of one-size-fits-most stretchy yoga threads that make up Phat Buddha‘s burgeoning collection.

No wait, I can.

Which brings me to Wednesday’s Wish List.

Wish #1. I wish I could wear glittery clothing all day, everyday. From glittery leggings to bedazzled bandeaus, I’m pretty sure that Alissa Benishai, the amazing, inspiring and crazy-sweet mastermind behind the Phat Buddha line, and I were separated at birth. (Because a love of bright colors, tie dye, and bold sequin details denotes a DNA match, right?)

To backtrack, Stacy of yesteryear preferred baggy shorts and an even baggier t-shirt while tearing it up on the basketball court. My sense of fitness fashion didn’t exactly change for the better as I turned to running and yoga either. In the past 6 or 7 years alone, which is about as long as I’ve been practicing both, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn something revealing, sexy, hot or whatever you want to call it while working out—and that theory holds true even if I were to lose a finger or three in a tragic accident.

Maybe it’s the glitter; maybe it’s the neon hues; or maybe, my mentality is simply shifting as I continue to grow more self-confident in myself and in my body with every passing year. All I know is that I am officially in love with everything I saw in Phat Buddha’s showroom, and while I haven’t flaunted the skin tight designs in some insanely packed Manhattan fitness class (not yet, at least), one thing you can bet on is that those shapeless mesh shorts from Tuesday morning won’t be making an appearance in my workout today.

Instead, my heart sleeping shorts will! (I’m only half dressed to work out here. Bear with me, it’s early.)

Tangent of the day: Told you I have my mamma’s genes. Just wait ’til I go red.

Wish #2. I wish I could be a champion trail runner. Maybe I should start with amateur or novice first, but whatever. Shoot for the moon, right? Or at least the tree tops.

In case you missed yesterday’s recap of my first trail running excursion, here’s the quick and dirty. I loved it, I saw a snake, I’m not quite conditioned for it, and I really need appropriate trail running footwear.

Thanks to some amazing insightful readers, I got a ton of really great advice yesterday concerning my future as a trail runner. Most were highly encouraging, letting me know that yes, trail running is extremely different from anything else and to stick with it. I was especially grateful to hear that even the best of ’em have to walk up especially difficult inclines, and that it’s normal to stare at the ground in front of you as though it could be torn out from under your feet at any moment.

Others of you were loaded with tidbits of knowledge, pointing out the importance of running with a buddy for safety and suggesting that I invest in a pair of sneakers that are more appropriate for the rocky, muddy terrain. Each comment was highly appreciated, and the more I think about it, the more I truly do hope to both continue checking out trails this summer and purchase a pair of dirt-friendly kicks. So thank you all.

Wish #3. I wish to run strong and hard just once this week. I feel like my runs have been somewhat inconsistent lately, from impromptu half marathons to four-day “rest” – aka sick in bed – periods to personal distance records and speed slumps.

I took Tuesday off from running for this very reason; I wanted to recharge my battery by focusing on my core instead.

After battling the flu last week, I was fortunate enough to run 5 days in a row, from Thursday through Monday. And although covering 24 miles in 5 days felt pretty awesome, by Monday, my body was definitely tired. Sure, I was able to bang out a slow, challenging 5-mile run around the lower loop of Central Park, but it was by no means effortless or blissful. Hopefully, I can turn my frown upside-down during this second half of the week and remember not to take any run for granted.

Wish #4. I wish for a leisurely, wine-filled weekend. Last weekend was great. I ran and I drank on a lot of rooftops, which was all fun and games. But by Monday, I was bombarded with work yet again (not to mention a 2-day sinus headache). By today, I can honestly say I’m exhausted.

I know the work won’t end, and in more ways than not, I wouldn’t want it to. I thrive on stress; I thrive on exhaustion. I don’t want to be jobless or useless or bored; I’m just going to wish upon my lucky stars for another weekend of relaxation and wine, which I’d say is a reasonable request to make.

Here’s to all of your dreams coming true this week too.

  • Are you as in love with Phat Buddha’s glittery bandeau as I am?
  • Any recommendations on good trail footwear for beginners?
  • Let’s turn this around. What do you wish for on this Wednesday?

8 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday: Will Run for Glittery Yoga Garb & Big Dreams

    • Thank you! I’ll have to look in to these. Cute was obviously the number one thing on my list…especially since my everyday running sneakers are anything but. I always seem to get the worst colors!

  1. Well….I can’t really speak to the workout clothes with glitter but I can share with you my trail running shoes! I wear Salomon XR Crossmax on the trails and they work really well. They grip the trail, keep you from sliding on slick, wet surfaces and protect your feet when running on sections of trail with lots of rocks or tree roots. They are also water proof which is great if you have to step through a stream. The nice thing is that if you are running somewhere that could change from trail to road, they work on either surface (though I wouldn’t wear them for a long road run). Here is a link to the shoe I wear: http://www.rei.com/product/811332/salomon-xr-crossmax-neutral-trail-running-shoes-mens

    For this Wednesday, I just wish for a quiet day as I have lots to get done before I go out of town next week.

    • This is great, I’ll have to check these out too. I’m going to have a lot of shoe trying on coming up! The roots were one of my biggest concerns…I felt myself slowing down and taking caution every time I got near any.

      Here’s to a quiet Wednesday for you!

  2. I love my Mizuno Cabraken shoes for the trail! I wish they came is cute, glittery colors, but alas the comfort and health of my feet must come first. *sigh*

    I’m finally to the point that I feel mostly comfortable wearing “real” running clothes. I used to hide under layers because I didn’t look like the other runners who wore tighter clothes, but through time and experience and the loss of 30lbs., I’ve discovered that many of those clothing items just feel better to run in than my old baggy stuff. There just might be something to the marketing hype. Now if they can manage to make me some glittery, sequined stuff that looks great and is comfy, the world will be a great place!!

    I’m heading out to the trails for a (hopefully) quick four miles. Lucy (my rescued black lab/mutt mix) and I are wishing for a cool, easy run this afternoon. 🙂

    • Hi Sheri!

      #1. Thank you for making me jealous of both your rescue dog and your trail run, as I sit indoors writing without an animal friend. Boo.

      #2. Congratulations on your 30lb. weight loss! You are an inspiration for sure. Flaunt it! Wear tight clothes! Especially tight clothes with sequins!

      #3. This is the beauty of Phat Buddha’s yoga clothing! I’ll be featuring their new glittery leggings on WRFG soon…spandex that sparkles? Yes please!

      And finally, thank you for the recommendation on trail shoes. I’ll definitely have to check these out as well. Enjoy your run this afternoon!

  3. I love the bandeau, but this girl needs straps – ha! Who says you cannot wear bling everyday because I know I do and the more the better:) Love pops of colors too! My only true wish is that all this job hunting pays off and soon. Have a Great Day – loving your post:)

  4. Great post! I have no advice for trail shoes, as I am a novice myself, but I am definitely going to look into some if I do a lot of it.

    The sequined bandeau is adorable! Who doesn’t like sequins?

    My wish for today was to have a drama free peaceful day at work for once, but alas, that did not happen, lol. But I DID bang out a nice run before work, and a great bike ride to and from.

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