Saturday’s Sunny Run and Self Workout in the Park!

Let me start off by saying what a wonderful event I got to take part in on Saturday afternoon. Self Magazine‘s Workout in the Park was as exciting and energizing as everyone said it would be, and I was so fortunate to be able to check it out thanks to a generous someone.

The goings on of inside that small, exclusive area can be described in so many ways.

For one, it was uplifting to see so many like-minded women out there on a hot Saturday afternoon working their asses off in, what turned out to be, a very crowded space.

It was creative. I expected the usual boot camp spiel for a majority of the event, but was pleasantly surprised with the eclectic addition of Bali-inflected fitness and other workouts of various sorts. In short, there was certainly something for everyone.

(Awesome Indian dancing and other stuff I’m not coordinated enough to do.)

It was physically charging. No spandex-clad woman could resist moving and shaking to the sound of music blaring through the speakers – not even the staff. I even witnessed booty popping, and yes, each intimidated me more than the next.

Finally, it was inspiring. I’ve been reading a lot over the last week about how America’s population is projected to be 42% obese by 2030. Um, scary? Just a little. It was, however, encouraging to be swarmed by thousands of ladies at Self Workout in the Park who were obviously intent on thwarting this statistic. 4 hours of fitness and fun symbolized so much more than a need to look good by Memorial Day; on Saturday, these ladies united as part of a bigger long-term vision for health and wellness.

Did I mention I met a celebrity? No, not Dolvett Quince, the trainer from The Biggest Loser. I’m talking about The Laughing Cow, in the flesh! Thanks, DAM, for your enthusiastic willingness to partake in this photo shoot. Also secretly hoping I win the lifetime supply of cheese. Just saying.

I’d have loved to participate in all of the events, but to be honest, I was already pretty tired by the time I got to Self‘s extravaganza. As intended, Saturday started off just right – with a run around the Central Park Reservoir with DAM.

Before the run even began, DAM and I held a small discussion regarding our morning plan, which basically went like this. I asked if she wanted to run before Self Workout in the Park. She said yes, but not that far. I said that’s perfect, because my body is still off from being sick all week and I am gradually trying to increase my mileage. She said fine, but are you going to get here and be all let’s run 10 miles. I said no, just 8. Just kidding, I’d feel pretty badass with a 6-mile run. She made me swear to stick to it. Then we ran about 5 and a half miles.

(Note, this loop isn’t quite 5 miles and doesn’t include the first couple of the day.)

Saturday’s run with DAM was really the first one since being sick during which I felt pretty good. Thursday I felt weak and tired; Friday I felt better, but slow. And even though Saturday started off slow, as Noah and I ran up to Central Park (he’d break off at the 72nd Street entrance, where I was meeting DAM), it was nevertheless consistent. I also felt generally strong the entire time.

After our run and spending a few hours baking under the sun at Self Workout in the Park, DAM and I took our newly tanned skin for a long walk. We started in Central Park and went west, on a quest to pick up Levain’s cookies for my family (and one for myself – woops!) and then headed back East toward our side of Manhattan for a quick round of afternoon cocktails at The Smith. I got an extra spicy bloody Mary, and DAM ordered a mimosa.

Saturday was one of those perfect New York City days that you never want to end. I got home, I showered, I had another mimosa on the roof. The day, the weather, and the feeling of overall bliss seemed to linger throughout the entire afternoon, even as I drifted off to sleep around midnight, sober and full of late night Mexican food from El Parador. By the end of the day, I had lost my voice completely from a mix of chatting the afternoon away and the remnants of last week’s fever. I was silenced and happy.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was beyond excited to trail run, with or without my voice. But I think we’ve covered enough ground for right now and, to be blunt, I’m tired. Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of my wonderful trail run – the first of hopefully many to come, despite the fact that (spoiler) those were some of the toughest 5 miles I’ve covered in a long, long time!

Happy Monday!

  • Did you get your exercise on at Self Workout in the Park?
  • Any good runs or workouts planned for the week?
  • What’s your favorite post-run cocktail? Bloody Mary or mimosa?

One thought on “Saturday’s Sunny Run and Self Workout in the Park!

  1. That sounds like a fantastic day indeed! And glad you got your trail run on! It IS so much harder than street running.

    My fav post run cocktail is….water. I am boring. I know. I’m not sure I could do booze after a run, but I could probably do a nice glass of red wine after I cooled down and re-hydrated.

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