5 Happy, Chatty Miles & Self Workout in the Park Excitement!

Man this is a tough scratchy throat to kick!

On Thursday evening, I was again met with a choice: a choice to continue my night with another glass of wine at yet another bar (at that point I had slowly sipped on just one during a late dinner at Cask) or to head home and get in bed with my People Magazine (celebrity stalking = major guilty pleasure).

What I didn’t expect was to make the right decision. Was I tempted? Sure. 2 glasses of wine in a night is like, nothing when compared to my former habits as a drunk young, social New Yorker. I mean, I’m only 25, which practically puts me right back at the bars in Ann Arbor. Or something like that.

(Exhibit A: Note, Noah and I are hardly dating here.)

(Exhibit B: Note, that is my bottle of champagne.)

(Exhibit C: Note, that Jello was not virgin.)

Thanks to a morning run planned with Chelsea, to be known as CB from here on in, not to mention my lingering sore throat and minor fatigue leftover from the fever that never ceased to exist, I made the conscious decision to skip vino numeros dos (and apparently pick up some Spanglish along the way). Instead, Noah walked me home and went down the block to meet a friend at Third and Long, while I, on the other hand, hopped right under the covers.

Although I only got about 6 and a half hours of sleep, as compared to my usual 8-plus nights, excitement fueled me through the morning, enabling me to wake up way before my alarm. By 6:15, I was at the computer and doing work while munching on almonds, since I knew I’d need more than just sleep to get me through the first 5-mile run after being sick – I’d need at least a tiny bit of sustenance.

CB and I met near my apartment around 7:10 and planned to make our way up to Central Park for a lap around the lower loop before heading back home. For me, it’d be 5 miles; for CB, it’d be about 6.

Confession: I was a bit of a wuss this time around and had to set ground rules for our excursion. Last time CB and I ran together, along the East River, she decided to be a little speed demon despite the fact that she considers herself a “slow” runner. (Um, CB, if your first ever goal for your first ever half marathon is to break 2 hours, I do not consider you a slow runner. I’m on my third and am still striving for 2:05.)

On a normal day, I’d say running with a speedier friend is a great idea. One of the best parts about running with company is that friends, family and even acquaintances can push, encourage and accelerate you; and on any other day, while I’d probably still complain, this is something I’d definitely welcome.

Coming off of 4 days of being in bed though, my ultimate goal for Friday’s early run was to maintain a steady pace and avoid any feeling of windedness. To do so, I told CB that I was setting the pace – and that she’d have to take it down a notch if she didn’t want to carry me home. Fortunately for me, she was totally cool with that, and I’m grateful for our 10-minute miles.

Something we both agreed on: Our run went by like that. We spent the duration of the morning chitchatting about all sorts of topics – her upcoming Brooklyn Half Marathon, my upcoming empty race schedule (besides the Governor’s Island 10k), and why Starbucks Iced Chai Lattes are so much better than everything else in the world – and before we knew it, we were back at my apartment, 5 miles stronger, happier and healthier to boot.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is nothing like jump-starting your Friday – and weekend – with a nice, solid run through Central Park before work.

With my body temperature back down to 98.whatever and my hopes much higher than before, I’m definitely ready to set this weekend off right and make up for all those days I spent being sweaty and sick.

On the agenda:

1. Trail Running. My fever totally got in the way of last weekend’s planned trail run with Noah, and so we’re hoping to make up for it on Sunday before indulging in Bab’s balsamic chicken and hanging out with the family.

2. Cold cocktails. I really, really like happy hour. And since I’m not quite strong or energized enough yet to plan another, say, 12.5 mile run around Manhattan tomorrow, I’m thinking tonight might be the perfect time to take advantage of a 6:00 drink or 3.

3. Self Workout in the Park! Thanks to an awesome someone, I was lucky enough to get my paws on this little piece of fitness swag.

Yep, that’s right. On Saturday, I’ll be joining thousands of other fierce women (including some healthy bloggers, runners and tweeps I’m looking forward to meeting) in Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield for a day of sunshine-filled workouts, sweet fitness fashion, yummy spa services and even more delicious foodie treats. I hear it’s a pretty cool event; especially considering the fact that, the last time I was in Central Park for an all women’s inspired workout, I almost died of dehydration. In other words, you can bet that I’m pretty stoked about the chance to be fit and have fun without the prospect of running up Harlem Hill. (Though I’ve been known to make stupid last minute decisions before.)

5. A moderate Saturday run. Something else I’d like to incorporate on Saturday is a moderate, non-12.5-mile run. Preferably with DAM – my famous cousin and fellow morning runner on weekends, when the rest of “the city that never sleeps” is ironically still, well, sleeping. Now that I have the Self Magazine event though, I may have to scale back on the mileage. Or I can just beast my way through a short run and a workout, but that’ll have to be a game time decision. We shall see.

6. Eat cheeks. These cheeks, to be exact.

  • Have you ever had to tell a friend to slow down, or do you just suck it up?
  • Any good runs planned on your weekend agenda? 
  • Are these the greatest cheeks you’ve ever seen or what?

8 thoughts on “5 Happy, Chatty Miles & Self Workout in the Park Excitement!

  1. Hi! I typed “I would love to run through Central Park” into Google, and your blog was the second link that came up. Your pictures are great, and as a downtown-Detroit girl, the shouts out to Ann Arbor were an unexpected perk. Until I can someday stash the money to take a trip to NY and finally run through the park, I’ll keep hoofing it along the riverfront here at home and pacify myself with checking out more of your pictures.. Love your writing, keep it up!

    • Thank you Rebecca! You’re so incredibly sweet. (I also can’t believe that I was the 2nd link – score!) Central Park will always be here; just keep enjoying your beautiful Midwest runs for now. Go blue! (Really hope you’re not a state fan right now 😉 ) P.S., if you do stash the cash to fly to The Big Apple, hit me up for some cheap eats. Like $1 dumplings and stuff. I can point you in the right direction.

  2. Have a great trail run and hope you feel better soon!

    ANd everyone is faster than me. hahaha…. Except my dog, she’s a border collie and she slows me down because she wants to eat/sniff EVERYTHING along the way.

  3. I’m always telling running friends to slow down–even though I’m sure I could suck it up and meet them at their pace. My brain gets in the way often. 🙂

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