Wishful Wednesday: All I Want Is A 3-Mile Run

Like I said yesterday, only 2 weeks after implementing a weekly to-do list, I got overwhelmed. A to-do list? I have those in every other aspect of my life, from work to my apartment to my friends, family and personal needs.

So instead, I came up with a new plan: a wish list.

Now, let me be straight here. Jews don’t get to make wish lists often. We’re more of a take what you can get type of people, especially around the holidays. Christmas wish lists are something I’ve always envied; default Chanukah toys was more like what we got. (Santa, you will always have a soft spot in my heart.)

Wish lists just seem so fun though, don’t they? There’s something that’s incredibly daunting about a to-do list – like you have to approach it with a red marker if you’re unable to, well, do an item on it – whereas wishes feel warm and inviting and generous.

So here we go. Things I am hopeful for on this Wishful Wednesday – my first 24 hours back into the real world (if I last that long) after being quarantined in my apartment with a bottle of Tylenol, a thermometer, and a lot of sweat-soaked clothing. And after 3 days of that, let me tell you, there is plenty to be hopeful for.

Wish #1: I hope I can eat real food. Sounds simple enough, right? I can literally count the kinds of food I’ve consumed over the last 3 days on 1 hand though. Like whole-grain toast, raspberry jam, matzah balls, chicken broth and Saltines.

I haven’t eaten vegetables; I haven’t eaten fruit; I couldn’t even look at the Laffy Taffy Noah so kindly brought home for me “just in case I felt better.” The mere thought of each has made me incredibly nauseous, which was a total bummer since that’s the general makeup of my diet.

This is gonna sound lame, but I miss salads. I also miss Tootsie Rolls. If I could have a salad and a Tootsie Roll sometime in the near future, then I know I’ll be on the path to wellness again. Until then, le sigh. Soup it is.

Wish #2. I wish my laundry would fold itself. Really, there’s no explanation needed for this one. Laundry is the worst, but my apartment felt gross after germing it up. It simply needed to be done. Now, it simply needs to be folded.

Wish #3. I hope I can continue to be financially responsible this week. Fat chance. Being sick makes it easy; all I’ve spent money on in the past 3 days is overpriced (but worth it) 2nd Avenue Deli soup and a bottle of Gatorade.

With my California vaca coming up (we booked our hotel in San Francisco – wooo!), Noah and I have some serious wine drinking to save up for, and let me tell you, this couple knows how to indulge on booze.

Wish #4. I wish I had 7 more hours in the day. 3 of them would be for running; 3 would be for working (who actually says that?); 4 would be for another meal, because you can never have too many of those.

Wish #5. I wish I had a cat. Sorry dog people. It’s true, I like cats – at least, if I can’t get my dream pooch – a French bulldog.

I miss Flounder a lot, and every time I go back to my parent’s house I contemplate cat-napping her. She’d be so sad without my mom though (and my mom would be so sad without her, even if she’d never admit it).

(That’s her coy face.)

That only leaves me with 1 option: to get my own cat. That’s not happening any time soon though. Some people I live with and cook for and clean up after think that I’m “not responsible” enough yet. Ugh. 

Wish #6. I wish I went trail running on Sunday. I hope to go soon. I’m completely in my element went outdoors in nature, which is why I was so excited to go trail running on Sunday. I know – you can’t plan these things (101.5-degree fevers that last days) sometimes, but I’m just saying, there was no reason for me to get a massive virus on the eve of said excursion.

Anyway, it’s time to start planning my first trail run. Take 2. And it will be glorious, though perhaps not as magnificent as hiking Acadia National Park. (I remember being there and thinking, wow, this is great, but I wish I were running these trails, not hiking them. Ah, how it all comes full circle.)

Wish #7: I hope I can run 3 miles on Thursday. Wow, has this month been a roller coaster so far or what? My runs have been on and off, consistent and inconsistent. Whereas last week I ran far fewer days that I typically would, I nevertheless managed to squeeze 30 miles into the week between 2 5-milers, an 8.5 miler and a 12.5 miler. Usually, I spread the distance much thinner than that.

After Saturday’s epic 12.5 mile run through Central Park and along the East River though, I came down with an equally epic fever. No, I don’t have the strongest immune system despite my healthful lifestyle. And yes, I tend to get sick a lot. But in all fairness, I can’t remember being that ill in years. What a rude awakening indeed.

Now, I haven’t run in 4 days, let alone washed a dish. I haven’t had the energy; I haven’t had the strength.

It’s such a shame too. Friday night’s Hot Figure 4 class made me feel so strong, like nothing could stop me. Saturday built my confidence even more. And then, just like that – like taking a pin to a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon – my sense of strength was deflated overnight. I think I left it somewhere in that pool of sweat on night 1 of the fever – back at my parent’s house. Sorry mom, you should probably wash those sheets.

I’m feeling a lot better now, but still, trying to vacuum up the hair on the bathroom floor feels like a serious strain on my body. (Scary, I know. I was literally out of breath.)

So while today, in an attempt to be smart about my health, I merely walked to the subway, sat upright in a chair all day, and commuted back home, my ultimate wish is to run 3 miles on Thursday. No more, no less. A quick, simple jog to get my head and my body back into the game.

Pretend I’m your genie and go! Name 3 wishes for the week, and I’ll cross my fingers in the hopes they’ll come true. What do you wish for?

3 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday: All I Want Is A 3-Mile Run

    • Thanks 🙂 Still not 100 percent sure! Can’t get out until Saturday if I do, and it’s a bit of a pain to go back to Long Island to get a car and then drive. Marc may try and make something work, but we’ll see. Happy Mother’s Day!

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