Loving the Simple Things When Running Isn’t Possible

Rainy runs aren’t the worst thing in the world; they can actually be kind of refreshing, in a strange, addicted, masochistic way. And in the event that I’m training for en event of sorts, I’d probably run under most circumstances because, as any runner knows, you can’t control the weather on race day.

For example: I was very happy I didn’t whine and moan about running on super windy winter mornings when I woke up to this on the day of the 2012 Manhattan Half Marathon. As I’ve come to learn, it’s best to be prepared for anything and everything.

But then, there are those weeks when you’re just blatantly not training for anything, which brings you back to the very reason why you run in the first place: for the sheer joy of it.

While running is one of the primary parts of my life from which I get the most satisfaction, there are a lot of small, really simple things that bring me just as much enjoyment too.

Like a snapshot of the jungle at home in New York City.

Like a homemade latte in a clean, white mug. (Not only is it relatively free, but it usually tastes way better than at the coffee shop, which tends to be the case when you prefer more milk than espresso in your drink.)

Like a fresh, colorful, green salad with crab meat garnish. (No description necessary.)

Like a fine glass of rose after a long hike.

Like the Central Park Reservoir early on a weekend morning.

Like sunsets with Noah. (I’m getting indescribably excited for our quick upcoming trip to California.)

Like a solid piriformis-stretching yoga pose that hits all the right places.

Like a really, really, ridiculously good looking nephew with the tastiest cheeks in the world. (I know because I’ve tried them.)

Like my drop dead evil, sexy cat Flounder (who chose to live with my mom over me).

Like being silly with my dad, which is easy when you spend all day in a chocolate store.

And like anything that glitters. Beads and bedazzles included.

I could go on forever about this because, really, there are a lot of truly effortless things in life that genuinely, wholeheartedly make me happy.

There’s really nothing I find joyous about this, however.

Thunder sucks, and I have a severe fear of it. I realize that lightning is the dangerous part of the storm, but I don’t care. Loud noises scare me, and so this type of weather will typically drive me back indoors and under the bed.

Other things I’m severely afraid of?

Sharks. Don’t expect me to swim out more than 20 yards in the ocean – if that.

And these hideous creatures. Confession: I was too uncomfortable even looking at the real deal to post it, so instead, I found a snapshot of this friendly, cartoon snake. Much less intimidating (but still a little).

So there you have it. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I didn’t run on Friday – which was made even worse by the fact that I was planning to spend the morning with a new good running friend. I suppose there’s always next week, though I kind of wish I knew this last night, or I wouldn’t have stuffed my face with blue cheese-smothered chips. (That’s a lie, I absolutely would have.)

Overall, this has been a pretty run-less week, save for two solid 5 milers on Monday and Wednesday. And that’s totally fine. Instead, I did a lot of strength work, planks, stretching, core work and foam rolling. On Sunday, Noah and I are planning to check out some trail running on Long Island.

But perhaps most surprising of all is that I signed up to participate in an insane workout on Friday night, which isn’t only out of character because I rarely step foot inside an exercise-based venue, but on any other Friday night, you’d find me at the bar with a drink or eight in hand. Yep, 25 is starting off healthy and happy and with an abundance of cheesy appetizers, just the way it should.

Have a great weekend!

  • Did you run on Friday morning? Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through your motivated selves.
  • Do you have any fun runs planned for the weekend – especially ones that involve really long distances and/or food? I will certainly have snacks in tow on the trail run, like mini cheeses.
  • What makes you happiest in life? What scares the living daylights out of you? Do you share my pants-wetting fear of snakes and thunder?


16 thoughts on “Loving the Simple Things When Running Isn’t Possible

  1. I know this sounds like a broken record but….awesome post!

    I am happy to say that I worked out with our boot camp and was pain free on all of the running parts! The workout was called Noah’s Ark and it actually rained on us while we were working out. Since it was in the 70’s and humid, the rain actually felt really good!

    Since my foot appears to be healed, several of us are doing a trail run tomorrow at Stone Mountain (a park near us) in practice for a 15k trail run in June.

    Favorite things: Anything Reese’s, PBJ, coffee with my wife while we bird watch in the backyard, college football, our cats, The Beatles, storms

    Unfavorite things: brussel sprouts, people who text while driving

    • Thanks! That’s awesome that you had a pain-free workout. I’m kind of amused by the whole Noah’s Ark thing, and am tempted to make Noah (my Noah) take the class just to be a mascot of sorts.

      Yay for trail runs! And PBJ (ate it by the spoonful this morning). And Brussels sprouts (sorry, ate them last night).

  2. There’s something magical when you run under the rain, last weekend I spent it in south of France and it was windy, cold, and rainy but…. I loved it! It makes you feel you are still alive!

    • It does, doesn’t it! Now if only I could rid Mother Nature of thunder. Definitely wasn’t heading to Central Park with the prospect of trees falling on me.

      You are so lucky to have spent a weekend in the south of France – and running at that. It sounds magical indeed. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I definitely appreciate all of the simple things you listed! And, well, taking a day off running isn’t so bad (and don’t you have a workout planned tonight?). I love running in the rain, but when you add thunder it is a little scary, isn’t it?! I am going to head out for a run later, and kind of hoping for some sprinkles (and no thunder!).

    • I do! Trust me, I wasn’t sad about not working out. Just not running. And even then, I still wasn’t that sad.

      Crossing my fingers it doesn’t thunder for you! A little drizzle is actually kind of amazing. Enjoy!

  4. love the post (as usual), stace 🙂 i skipped my workouts tues-thurs and feel guilty, but know that i’ll still get my 4x/week in if i go tonight-sunday. sometimes you have to make peace with not getting a run or workout in – life can and does get in the way.

    i understand your fears, and i add to those any kind of insect (i’m TERRIFIED of them and if i encoutner one, i almost prefer just moving out of my apt over dealing with the situation at hand), umbrellas (got one from mom for my 25th because a torrential t-storm was in the forecast for my bday weekend and i needed to get over myself), tornadoes/natural disasters (i refuse to see any of those end-of-the-world movies that seem to be so damn popular these days), mayonnaise (NO. MAYO.), doctors/hospitals/needles/blood, stuffed bears who walk with canes (thanks, toy story 3), and death.
    the list is super long.

    best things in life (abbreviated list)..time with friends/family, a new playlist, good/trashy tv, paris/newyork/sanfranny, anything with dcraig/dradcliffe…

    have so much fun in CA – where are you headed?

    • well fortunately san fran(ny) was on your list bc that’s where i’m heading!

      i’m on board with mayo, natural disasters and spiders. other insects i’m fine with killing, though i currently loathe mosquitoes after waking up with bites on my knuckles last week and my hand blowing up. yes, that happened.

      you’ll get back to the gym. i may not have seen you since we were young enough to play with cabbage patch kids, but you’ve been quite determined to stay on the healthy path. good luck with that this weekend! you’ll rock the gym.

      • oooh have so much fun! i’m headed there next april for my collegebestfriend’s wedding 🙂 i know, it’s been far too long since i’ve seen you! i need to get back to nuevajork sometime soon and maybe we’ll cross paths 🙂 thanks for the support, and keep on keepin’ on with the running!

  5. Great list of small things that are actually pretty big. 🙂

    I had a fantastic trail run/hike today with my sis. It was heavenly!

    I have a serious fear of confessing my fears since seeing The WItches of Eastwick as a child, lol. BUt too am terrified of thunder and lightening as well. FOr whatever reason it always struck our farm when I was growing up, scared the bejesus outta me.

    • Ugh extremely envious of your fantastic trail run. While that was my plan, I woke up in sweat and 101.5 fever. More to come on that tomorrow. BOO. Glad someone got out there to enjoy the weather!

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