Lazy Rainy Mornings and Quick Sweaty Workouts

Whereas mornings like these were made for running (have I mentioned how much I love New York City?)…

…mornings like Tuesday’s were made for an extra 30 minutes of sleep. And I’m totally okay with that.

I have a love-hate relationship with rainy mornings. On the one hand, they’re absolutely beautiful in a sense. The sound of rain drops on the window sill sound like a chant, lulling me back to sleep with every subsequent pitter and patter.

On the other hand, a rain-ridden air conditioner also means that I won’t be running which, for a maniac like me, can be almost as much of a let down as waking up only moments before your alarm. Though I suppose that, after covering about 21 miles in the last 4 days (I had no idea until just now that I did that, but I guess 5 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, 8-ish on Sunday and another 5 on Monday add up quick!), there really isn’t anything wrong with pressing snooze either. Twice.

That doesn’t mean I sat on my ass. While I spent an extra few moments rolling around under the covers, I eventually got up, did a little work, made myself an espresso and committed to a quick but intense 25-minute workout using Robert Brace’s NYLean25 fitness system.

I first came across NYLean25 during a work event, and I’ve since managed to incorporate several elements of the program into my own fitness routine. Like, for example, the core work; I really, genuinely enjoy some of the ab-strengthening moves. And like the squats. I hate squats, but for some reason these don’t seem so bad.

Yet the best part of my morning wasn’t the fact that I stayed in bed or that I actually managed to squeeze in a workout despite the rain; it was that I successfully convinced Noah to join me in the living room for 25 minutes of awesome sweatiness – and not the type he’d prefer.

Something I noticed while working out side by side – me on my green yoga mat, Noah on my pink reject yoga mat – was that even my indoor exercise routine is more fun when performed with someone else. When it comes to running, there are days when I prefer to frolic with a friend and there are days when I prefer to explore the city streets all by my lonesome. I’m not so sure about these indoor, strength training workouts however. Part of me thinks that, if I’m crunching my core or tightening my glutes, I’d prefer to sweat side by side – like, all the time.

As for the rest of the week, Wednesday looks cloudy, which should make for a nice overcast run. Thursday and Friday are up in the air – both days have a chance of rain, so it looks like I’ll have to play each morning by ear.

If I can’t run, I know that I can always get a pretty solid workout from the floor of my living room. Now that I’ve experienced the joys of group strength training though, I might just have to drag Noah out of bed to join me. (Or bribe him with kisses and all the love in the world. And bacon. Lots of bacon.)

I probably didn’t need to go all jumbo-sized there, but I did. So there.

  • How do you work out on rainy days when you can’t run? (Note: Drizzly runs can be fun, but this morning it was monsooning. Heavy downpours = not fun.)
  • Do you work out in your living room? How do you make sure to break a sweat, and have you ever had a friend, husband, boyfriend, child or pet join you?
  • Have you ever bribed a friend, husband, boyfriend, child or pet to work out with you, whether with bacon or some other super tempting offering?

9 thoughts on “Lazy Rainy Mornings and Quick Sweaty Workouts

  1. If it’s summer and there’s no lightening, I have been known to just run in the rain. It feels pretty awesome if it’s not monsooning actually.

    Monsooning means I either – A) wait and reschedule for later in the day, or b) throw in a DVD. I particularly enjoy Bob Harper’s workouts, as I sweat a ton, and he yells at you enough that you get mad and yell back rather than quitting. (And yes, he’s gay, but GOD he’s beautiful to lust over, I mean look at.)

    Right. Also, the boy joined me for one yoga workout, said he loved it, and never did it again. I have a dog who loves to help get in the way, I mean do anything, and a cat who lays on his back underneath me and ‘claps his paws’ on my cheeks when I’m doing pushups. Very helpful indeed. šŸ™‚

    • I do love a good misty summer run, but in the spring I’m still somewhat scared of freezing. Not warm enough here yet, though that description made me crave a drizzly run!

      Might have to check out Mr. Bob Harper – I’ve never done any of those. Thanks!

  2. If it’s monsooning out, I usually just don’t do anything. For some reason, I really don’t like working out in our house, or indoors for that matter. I think it’s because I’ve become so conditioned to exercise outside with boot camp, being inside just seems strange to me.

    One of my cats likes to stretch with me if I do that before heading out on a run.

    I’ve never tried tried the bacon bribe but I’m betting it would work well! There was an article yesterday in our local paper about “bacon dangling” to help motivate a runner:

    • Ha, what a coincidence! Thanks for sharing this, that’s so funny.

      If it’s rainy on a weekend, I’m likely to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing, unless you count lifting the peanut butter jar up and down as bicep curls.

      There’s something about the prospect of going to work that really lights a fire under me though. If I know I’m going to be typing at a desk all day, I at least want to get the feel good hormones flowing. Or something like that.

    • Ooph, the treadmill. I used to on rainy days; now I just use it as motivation to strength train. I just can’t get myself to enjoy the treadmill anymore!

  3. Ran to this, kind of lazy rainy running music, thought I’d share. All downloads off of groove electric are free too, so maybe you can find something awesome. šŸ™‚ This one, ‘Brass Houses’ makes me happy and is good for a slow one. Hopefully that one is still on the main page.

  4. luckily i work from home on tuesdays so i got to sleep in and get my run in a little later in the day…win-win! i love to run when it’s drizzling out but, i agree, a downpour is a bit much. once my shoes and socks get wet, i’m pretty miserable!

    • Um, how do I get your job? Midday runs are a long-term dream of mine.

      I totally agree. For the Manhattan Half (in snow) I had to get special “waterproof” socks to maintain my cool. I’m still not quite sure I’m convinced that waterproof socks exist, but they actually worked pretty well, for a snow storm.

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