Monday’s Run and Tuesday’s Tasks: On Skin, Savings and Sunshine

Confession: Most English majors hate alliteration. Not this one though!

The sun was peeking through my window in an oh-so tempting way when I woke up on Monday morning. Often, I’ll contemplate my need to run so early in the week—especially after a triple header—making Mondays a great time to focus on strength training, stretching and the likes. Not yesterday though. No, I definitely needed to hit up that sunshine.

To keep it simple, I headed straight for Central Park to soak in the sights.

The Bethesda Fountain in all its glory.

The quintessential movie locale, otherwise known as the mall.

The random assortment of flowers that awkwardly blended in with my Saucony top.

My pace was light and airy, my mentality was positive and uplifting, and my music was insanely dubby. Yep, it was the perfect recipe for a Monday morning run – not to mention a great way to kick off the week.

Speaking of new beginnings, last week I launched an initiative to publish a virtual “to-do” list at the beginning of each week. Why Tuesdays? Because I can be way too ambitious on Sundays, making it far more reasonable to come up with weekly tasks after a tiring day of work.

Now that I’m thinking clearly (I’m not – I just spent 9 straight hours writing about acupuncture), here’s what I’ve come up with.

Buy cheap vegetables and eat healthy. After two birthday celebrations ripe with wine, beer, cupcakes, cheese and fried stuff, Noah and I (because he ate like it was his birthday too; the perils of living together) decided to spend the rest of the weekend purchasing our own ingredients and creating homemade meals.

Typically we’d go out to brunch or dinner on at least Saturday or Sunday, but instead we stuck to our guns and cooked up some coloful, healthful, summer-body-friendly dishes (like a salad with a whole-wheat and flax chickpea “pizza”). Best of all, they were easy on the wallet, which, when living in Manhattan, is a serious win.

Long days in the office can make ordering in sound way more alluring than slaving over a stove. This week, I will slave – at least for a few days. After all, we have a trip to California coming up and I’d like to avoid having to rent the cheapest car in the lot.

Sidebar: Noah and I have terrible luck renting cars. A couple of years ago in Maine, we rented the cheapest car. When Noah’s flight was delayed until 1 a.m., I spent about 2 hours sweet-talking the rental guy in order to keep him from closing up shop at midnight. I even gave him Sour Patch Kids. This resulted in him “doing us a favor” and “upgrading” our car.

Yea, this actually happened. Nothing like driving a douchebag-mobile around the mountains of Maine.

Turn money into wine. It wasn’t much, but I was able to put an itsy-bitsy chunk of change into my savings account this weekend. (To be clear, I’ve spent more on brunch, but whatever. Baby steps.) In an attempt to add to that number, I’m selling two items on e-bay: a pair of Mosley Tribes aviators I clearly don’t need (superfluous sunglass purchases are a thing of my past) and a sparkly necklace charm that no longer needs to be sitting in my jewelry box.

I’m a huge proponent of getting rid of the old. It’s not only liberating; it also provides a bit of space in the apartment and wiggle room in the financial department. I also hate excess. By the end of the week, a buyer will ideally transfer money into my PayPal account. Those funds will then go directly to the vineyards of California.

Continue to be vain. If you recall, last week I freaked out about my skin. I was breaking out like a middle schooler and didn’t know what to do, and so I made an appointment to see my favorite aesthetician downtown. This week, after sticking to my to-do list and actually going through with my facial (not part of the budget plan, but a girls gotta prioritize), my skin has definitely improved and is actually starting to look pretty damn good again.

In truth, I couldn’t be happier. I even washed my pillow cases the night before to make sure I’d be sleeping on clean, germ-free linens. (Who am I kidding; Noah did the laundry.) But getting my skin back to a good place is only half the battle. Now, I need to maintain it, which is nearly impossible when I run every morning and am constantly wiping my sweaty sleeve across my forehead and chin.

  • What’s on your to-do list this week?
  • Do you find that running makes you break out, or are you one of those people whose skin thrives when drenched in sweat?
  • How do you save up before a trip?
  • What’s the worst rental car you’ve ever been given? Does it beat my taxi or Camaro? Photo evidence required if you answered yes.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Run and Tuesday’s Tasks: On Skin, Savings and Sunshine

  1. My skin actually gets better the more I sweat (sorry!). Except for when I first start exercising again after a loooooong time away, and then I break out like crazy for about two weeks.

    My to-do list: stick with the hal higdon 8km training program I’m doing. And homework – woo hoo. lol

  2. Also, THANK YOU for posting the Coachella – Kaskade link. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running to it! It was made for runners, I swear! I am not a fan of that kind of music, but for some reason I love running to it.

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