Tuesday’s To Do List: Don’t Freak Out, Breathe, Be Happy

I have a tendency to freak out over everything, big or small. For a while now, to counteract the nature of my overactive brain, I’ve been mentally hashing out a to-do list as I walk to work on Monday mornings—a simple way to begin the week with a certain sense of calm, even if $#*! hits the fan later on.

Starting this blog has been an amazing way to hold myself accountable for one of the few constants in my life: running. I’m hoping that by putting my personal to-do list on paper, or whatever you call this internet thing, I’ll have a reason to hold myself accountable to these little weekly goals as well. So, here goes nothing.

Don’t freak out (see blog title). For such a go-with-it type of person, work can make me crazy. Ever since the 5th grade, when I finished my project on the state of Maryland before anyone else in the class and actually requested to take on another state – Delaware – I’ve been taking on the world. At times, I think there’s no such thing as too much; that type of thought process usually results in me having a breakdown on a nightly basis.

The only person who really knows how hard I’ve been trying to keep it all together is probably Noah, and that’s not by choice. He lives with me, and can’t really get away from my madness. But he can also probably tell you how much progress I’ve been making in the last month or so, as I’ve adopted this new mindset that “I can only do what I can do,” and beyond that, I still have to focus on getting sleep, being social and running.

Still, I have a ways to go in finding balance. Don’t freak out has become a regular on my to-do list for the week, and while I’m working to vanquish it completely, I know that it’s a step by step process. I’m still somewhat trying to reclaim a lot of the philosophies I’ve tattooed on my body as a permanent reminder as to who I am. Because as much as I can hope that, “Nothing’s gonna change my world,” at the end of the day, it’s realistically easier said than done. (Click on The Beatles cartoon below for details.)

Don’t take any run for granted. I adopted this mantra last week as a way to bring new meaning to something that’s become so routine (not in a bad way, but routine is routine) in my life. Sunday’s monsoon meant I definitely couldn’t run, and to be honest, when I woke up to fog and mist on Monday, I really had no desire to leave my apartment either.

Instead of running, I took Monday morning as an opportunity to strength train, and whereas I usually spend 30 minutes or so in front of the YouTube machine, this time, I dedicated a full 59 minutes (but who’s counting).

On Monday morning, I did 24 minutes of strictly core work, 10 minutes of arm and core work, 10 minutes of mat Pilates for my glutes and waist, and a bunch of miscellaneous activities like push-ups, planks, tri-dips and a headstand.

After so many consecutive days of bright, sunny, warm weather, it seems more and more like a chore to throw on layer after layer in order to run comfortably in the cold. That said, I’m going to muster all the positivity I can in order to run with a certain sense of gratitude throughout the rest of the week—just because, you know, I can.

Take care of my skin, finally. I’ve been putting this one off for a while. Working for a health and wellness website is kind of awesome because it means I get pretty steep discounts on things like personal trainers, massage therapists and facials. The downside? I still can’t afford a personal trainer, massage therapist or regular skin care specialist without committing the rest of my meals for the week to ingredients that come in cans (though I’ll be honest, I love a good can of corn).

Whereas some people complain of fluctuating weight and others of too-curly hair, skin care is something I’ve always wrestled with. Thanks to the wonders of genetics, I know it’s something I’ll continue to struggle with forever. Especially because sweaty runner’s skin is definitely not conducive to achieving an effortless glow. Usually, I just look sticky.

Fortunately, I’ve learned how to manage a lot of the breakouts the plagued my younger years. (To set the record straight, I never had cystic acne or anything aggressive like that. I don’t want to make my vanity concerns sound worse than they are; they’re really not all that horrible. I’m just pimple prone. If I forget to wash my face one night, or forget to wash my pillow cases every two weeks, I’ll inevitably wake up with a zit – usually somewhere really noticeable, like in the middle of my very white, pale forehead.)

Anyway, I finally decided to get a facial this week at my favorite dermatologist’s office downtown. And I seriously. Cannot. Wait. It’s been a real challenge not to touch my skin this week; I’m a huge sucker for doing horribly counteractive things like pretending like I know what I’m doing with that strange metal blackhead stick. (Spoiler: I do not.)

Do you ever set goals for the week? What are they, and how do you hold yourself accountable for actually achieving them?


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s To Do List: Don’t Freak Out, Breathe, Be Happy

    • My old phone would have been great for that, but for some reason, I have a tendency to completely ignore my iPhone. I’m not sure why!

  1. I do not aside from scheduling my runs, but I really really should. I think it would make me feel a lot less stressed out!

    • That’s so funny, because scheduling my runs would make me freak out. With running, I have to be somewhat spontaneous, and give myself the opportunity NOT to run too. Everything else in my life, however, is definitely scheduled to the T.

  2. I freak out a lot but not about too much work (ha… job hunting= lack of work), but more so over every little thing and the big picture too (where am I going with my life?) etc.

    I definitely agree with your idea of not taking any run for granted. Once you’re injured- you look back at all the chances you did have to run and didn’t appreciate it. Every run is a gift…ah. 🙂

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