Tuesday: I Rest, Therefore I Run

I rarely take a day off from running, so 2? That’s practically unheard of.

But on Tuesday morning, while I planned on getting back out there after the More/Fitness Half Marathon and running at least 3 miles – if not my usual 5 – I woke up in more pain than ever. My hamstrings were tight. My ankles were balled up. What’s a runner to do? How? I thought to myself. I felt totally un-sore and surprisingly fine yesterday. I even stretched! Why now?

On any normal day, I’d have given myself the old suck-it-up pep talk – the pain will probably pass within the first mile or so anyway as my muscles begin to loosen. Since completing that last minute half marathon however, I promised Noah – and more importantly, I promised myself – that I’d at least attempt to take better care of my body. (For example: I’ve been running with taped toes for about a month now. I’d like to un-tape them at some point. Just saying.)

But seriously? April brings the kinds of mornings that running was made for. Often, not getting out there on a 70-something degree morning in New York City can be so much more daunting than running will ever be. We’ve all been there before; if someone tells you not to remember the numbers 749, you’ll probably recall the trio hours later anyway. So of course now, since I told myself I wouldn’t run, all I can think about is sweating, my ugly sneakers, and my ritual post-run peanut butter and jelly spoonfuls. I’m not gonna give in to my brain though. For once, I’m listening to my body.

So back to Tuesday morning. I woke up, I did work, I wandered around the apartment without any direction, and I did a bit of half-assed core work and stretching for a second day in a row. Ideally, I’d have run both yesterday, on Monday morning, and today. In reality, I’m playing it smart, and I’m dreaming about tomorrow’s run – if it feels right.

Do you typically take time off from running after a long race? How long, and what do you do to make the time go by quicker? Are you usually more sore on the day of, the day after, or two days after running hard? Why is spring mocking me?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday: I Rest, Therefore I Run

  1. Sorry to hear your having issues after the half. I know it’s hard to “just say no” when your body needs it but it’s great that you are being disciplined.

    After a long race (for me that’s a 10k or higher), I actually like to do a short run the next day. I was really stiff the day after the half-marathon but I ran about 3 miles the next morning and it felt really good after the first 1/2 mile or so and really loosened up. By the end of the run I did feel fatigue in my legs (but in a good way) and did take a rest the following day.

    • See that’s what I would normally do, and this time around I didn’t because of the migraine the day before – I was afraid of aggravating my head. Serves me right for changing up my routine. Next time around I’m definitely covering my bases and do a short recovery run. I was out today – felt pretty great!

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