A Return to Normalcy: 5 Miles Through Central Park

Here is how I felt this morning (hint: click to enjoy the most appropriate backdrop to a blog ever).

I woke up on Tuesday morning on my own at 6:40. I guess that’ll happen after setting an alarm for 5:20 two days in a row, and the total exhaustion that ensues.

Needless to say, I was delighted to open my eyes and feel completely rested. And it wasn’t just my energy reserves either. Self-massaging my legs relentlessly since the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler was obviously a key part of my recovery, and by this morning – a day in which I should have at least felt a bit of residual race pain – I was instead 100 percent pain-free.

Noah can attest to the giant smile on my face as I hopped out of bed to get ready for my habitual morning run; it was like waking up on Christmas morning – or what I imagine it’s like (Jewish problems).

Tuesday morning’s run through Central Park was absolutely, positively amazing – like meeting an old friend for coffee after spending an extended period of time apart. It was sunny and cool (but not cold). The park was busy but not crowded. And the Bethesda Fountain, one of my favorite spots in all of Central Park, was back up and running.

Best of all, I had two new songs to play on repeat. I’m currently a little overzealous about these 2 tunes.

Swedish House Mafia: Greyhound (Rule of Eight Remix)

Porter Robinson: Language (Original Mix)

Tuesday morning’s run started off great, and just being out there was enough to make the first mile or so fly by despite having not eaten breakfast. Yet naturally, my legs grew tired quickly. Between my 12-mile excursion with my cousin, the 10-mile race and a bunch of 5 milers in between, I’ve put a lot of mileage on these puppies since last Saturday. My body may have been energetic, but my legs were struggling to keep up.

Fortunately, I had this to fuel me through those first few tired miles.

Consistent with the way my runs have been going lately, I was able to pick up my pace after 2 miles (though I admittedly stopped to stretch and breathe in the air around me). I’m not technically training for any long distance race as of right now, and so I took it as an opportunity to take my sweet old time.

By the time I turned south to head home, I began to imagine the last 5 miles of Sunday’s race, weaving in and out of the crowd. Maybe it was the surroundings, or my satisfaction from the weekend, or the hard drop after a minute of that SHM jam, but I was running really hard, relatively speaking. It felt great in the most basic and innocent of ways.

Finally, I will conclude my Tuesday morning recap with the official breakdown of my performance during the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. Brace yourself for elite athlete-like stats.

TIME: 1h:49m:12s (gun) / 1h:35m:20s (net)

Average Speed: 6.3 mph

Result in Entire Field: 8965th place (7855 finishers behind. About 53% of finishers ahead.)

Result in Gender (Women): 3987th place (5671 finishers behind. About 41% of finishers ahead.)

Result in Division (F2024): 518th place (453 finishers behind. About 53% of finishers ahead.)

During the Second Half: You passed 1384 runners, and 84 passed you.

Also, for the record, I was at mile 4.4 when the female winner finished, 4.7 when my division winner finished and, most amusing of all, mile 2.8 when the overall winner finished. Noah and I had 2.8 miles of separation, which places me at mile 7.8 when he crossed the finish line. I think I’ve got a shot at first next year people. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “A Return to Normalcy: 5 Miles Through Central Park

  1. Great stat recap of the race! I always feel like I am moving at a good pace but then it always amazes me how many people finish before I do. At the half-marathon I ran, the leader of the marathon passed me as the two courses came back together with about two miles to run. Talk about a heart breaking moment!

  2. Great stats! My friends ran this race and I’m looking forward to being able to do it next year. I don’t plan on coming in first or 401st, just to finish running would be amazing for me.

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