7 Mile Saturday: The Most Beautiful Place In The World

After going to sleep on Friday night at 10:30 – completely sober – I woke up on Saturday morning around 7:30 and decided that it would be the perfect day to get in my 7 mile run around the Central Park reservoir. So I did, and it was the best decision ever. This is one of those instances in which a picture is worth more than my typical ranting. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back to that on Monday.)


Here’s to hoping that your weekend runs are equally as breathtaking!


3 thoughts on “7 Mile Saturday: The Most Beautiful Place In The World

  1. I stumbled upon your blog by accident. I love it. Not only is it really fun to read, but you are soooo motivational. I’m a jogger. Can’t really say runner, and I haven’t gotten myself out of bed before 6 am just to run in yearssss. But in the evenings, when I just really don’t feel like running, I think about your dedication, and it helps me. (I just wish I was running through NYC instead of San Antonio TX). I’m working on increasing my distance. I know it’s mental, and that’s what usually kills my runs. Thanks! -Cecilia

    • Thank you! I really appreciate all your kind words. It’s amazing how mental ANY type of workout is – jogging, running, yoga even doing a couple of push-ups. The hardest part is getting dressed and stepping out the door. Once you’re out there, it’s kind of hard to stop. Hopefully you’ll make it up to NYC to run one day, it’s a great backdrop and truly motivational in itself. I’m spoiled by Central Park.

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