Freshly Pressed Glitter and a Determined East Side Run

You’d have thought I won the lottery with my level of excitement. (You’d also immediately know that I didn’t, given the lack of awesome running gear and Chanel in which I’d be swimming if I had.)

Yesterday, I received a nice afternoon surprise when my visitors began to spike and I immediately realized something was wrong. Or right. As it turns out, I was featured on WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed,” aka the WordPress homepage, sending oodles of readers right here to yours truly. After only blogging for about three months now, you can imagine how encouraging this feels. (PS, welcome new visitors! You can follow me on Twitter here!)

If you look closely, or have a magnifying glass on hand, you’ll notice my recent blog post – New Sneakers, Suburban Escapes and a Long Central Park Run – smack in the middle. (It’s under the bright red chattering teeth.)

Starting a blog isn’t easy. Sometimes, I find myself reading others’ writing and wondering how I’ll ever create a nook for myself in this other crowded space. Maybe this was the little push I needed.

That wasn’t the only aspect of Tuesday that I loved. Of course, my day started with a run. A really, really nice run along the East Side of Manhattan, which was a much needed change from my usual Central Park adventures.

After an evening of yoga, working muscles that hadn’t been worked in a while, I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling achy and sore – a good kind of sore, you know, the type where you know you did something great for yourself. But even the best kinds of sore have their downsides, mainly that it made running a difficult and tedious task on Tuesday.

Before setting out, given time constraints and personal goals, I wanted to complete at least 4 miles, but not necessarily as many as 5. Why? I’m not really sure. Perhaps the number was somewhat arbitrary. In my head, I’d have ideally liked to run at least 5 miles, but doing so – and taking into account that it was my 7th day in a row exercising – might have given me less of a reason to lift a finger come Wednesday. Scaling back a half of a mile or so, but still surpassing my starting point of 3 miles, was somewhat of a personal compromise.

As it turns out, it was a half-mile compromise I was glad to have made, because as I approached mile 3.5, my legs were really feeling it. Fortunately, I had Manhattan views like these to push me through the final 10 minutes of my morning run.

No, this was not my strongest run, but it was nevertheless a really pleasant – albeit overcast – one. Best of all, while my bedazzled 180s may be retired for the season, I did get to try out my new glitter gear. Thanks to the creators of Sparkly Soul for creating a functional accessory that reflects my true purpose in life: Running for Glitter.


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