Running a Fever, Not Central Park

A quick update from the home front. While I was supposed to have run yesterday and definitely want to be outside in this right now…

…I’ve instead been running a fever and battling one very, very sore throat since I left work on Friday.

Minor injuries are frustrating because it still feels like I can run. The total body exhaustion that comes from being sick, on the other hand, does not make me want to do anything at all. Upset? Obviously. But my body is achy and exhausted, and so I will be back as soon as I can describe my state of health using other adjectives than those.

Instead, this weekend was spent napping, watching 20/20 “My Strange Affliction,” making fresh mozzarella cheese…

…eating  perfectly stale Halloween marshmallow Peeps…

…and inhaling delicious, delicious berry pie.

These are all foods that you’re definitely supposed to consume when you’re sick. Especially the marshmallows – I hear they’re fortified with vitamin C.

Hope everyone had a wonderful, bug-free, run-filled weekend. I’m definitely hoping to be back out there as soon as possible, because if you haven’t been counting, I’m going on a full week without running as of tomorrow. I could really use some running stories right now to get me out of this tough valley, so feel free to share your weekend accomplishments below. Sniffle.


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