Take It Easy Doesn’t Mean Do Nothing

Day 3, no running. It’s getting scary in here. If you’re just tuning in, I have a slight toe thing going on. Update: It does feel a lot better, however I’ve been known to hit the pavement prematurely only to exacerbate my injury again. I’m trying not to do that, and it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine anything besides running actually passing for an active workout since it’s one of the only forms of exercise that gives me any mental respite. But Wednesday night, as I sat in my apartment after a lovely and long overdue dinner with a friend, I thought about how happy I was that I broke a sweat over the last couple of days even though I couldn’t run. As I sit here now, staring outside and wishing I could slip my feet into my Asics (yea, that guy to the right), I’m grateful that I still plan to turn on a few abs and core videos in a moment. Staying active, even if it doesn’t feel like it, is doing several things for me.

Mental sanity. I tend to go a little crazy if I haven’t worked out before going to the office. I get antsy and generally short-fused. Worse yet, don’t bother to tell me about how great your workout was; my jealousy can hardly be contained. Running may be the ultimate antidote to the midmorning blues, but sit-ups, leg lifts and random yoga headstands have been getting the job done too.

Strong like bull. Running is obviously so, so good for you. I also tend to get so caught up in it though, that I forget to pay attention to other parts of my body. (Hi, toe tendinitis.) Something I have to remind myself: There are other amazing achievements in exercise, like that yoga headstand I recently accomplished. It was arm work and push-ups that got me into that inverted position.

Guiltless cupcake binge. I’ve been dealing with a wisdom tooth that seems to want to poke through my gums. (Proof? It has officially poked through my gums.) I feel like a 1-year-old, teething and crying about it. Because of my puerile problem, I also haven’t been able to eat much in the last 2 days because my jaw is in serious pain. So on Wednesday night, after eating a bowl of vegan pea soup for dinner, I got overly excited at the site of melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes at Penelope’s. I ate one. And then I ate another.

Rare TV time. I rarely watch TV, and when I do, it’s usually an HBO show like Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones, or something completely inane, like Storage Wars. I kind of love my morning workouts though because I set up a computer screen, turn on The Today Show, and watch the tri-state traffic report for an hour. That, and trendy topics like Matt Lauer’s interview with Lindsay Lohan.

And finally, hope. The last important factor in my non-running campaign is that these 3 days off have given me hope. With my toe on the mends, it’s looking more and more like I’ll be able to run with less than a week’s rest. Usually, I push it. The moment my injury feels fine, I’m out on the streets doing laps in Central Park again. This time, while I’m considering a very short get-back-into-it run before the weekend, I’m really saving my strength reserves for Sunday. Saturday is supposed to be kind of gross here in the city, so Sunday seems like the perfect day to put these last few mornings of non-running to the test. The goal: to get 5 miles in without any pain in my little piggy.


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