Sunday Funday: Short Runs, Dumplings and Donuts

After a 9 mile run on Saturday, I was really looking forward to making Sunday’s run a really fun one. And what’s more fun (and incompatible, now that I think of it) than dumplings and donuts?

After a lazy morning of watching SVU and contemplating folding the laundry (but never actually doing it), Noah scarfed down a piece of toast, I ate a couple of mini bananas and an orange, and then, we were off along the East River for a total of roughly 3.71 miles and 4 billion calories.

Though it was a little chilly out, it couldn’t have been more beautiful on Sunday afternoon. I felt the usual girlfriend gilt, forcing Noah to run at a slower pace than he otherwise would, but I was quickly able to forget about my sloth-like gait and concentrate instead on the clear, sunny blue sky around me. I could practically smell spring around the corner.

As always, the promenade along the East River was breathtaking, offering a much-needed break from the same ol’ Central Park paths. And because Mother Nature knew I was stopping by, she decided to make her water glitter for me. I was grateful.

We ran south toward the Williamsburg Bridge, which is about as far as our legs would be carrying us.

I stopped for a moment to stare, feel the warmth on my face, and gather my thoughts.

And then I realized there were dumplings and donuts to be eaten, and picked up the pace again.

We exited the East River path around the bridge and ran through the Lower East Side until we arrived at our destination: Prosperity Dumpling, the first stop on our Sunday run-day food tour. Noah had gotten wind about this place from a co-worker, and now that I’ve officially been, I can sing its praises too. Being in Chinatown, the first plus was obviously the prices.

Get this: 1 order of pork and chive fried dumplings for $1…

…1 order of boiled veggie dumplings for $2.50…

…1 order of dumpling noodle soup for $3.50, and 1 vegetable sesame pancake for $1. This was enough food for about 4 people, all for a total of $8. Cash only. We devoured the dumplings and tasted the rest, packing up the sesame pancake and soup to bring home for dinner. That brings us to a grand total of $8 for two people, lunch and dinner. Only in Chinatown.

After the dumpling fest, we contemplated whether it was really necessary to stop by the Doughnut Plant, about 10 blocks away. After all, we were pretty stuffed and my post-run appetite isn’t all that ravenous.

The answer was obvious yes, but we’d be a bit less gluttonous at our second stop, sharing one blackberry jelly filled yeast-derived donut. (If I’m going to have a cake donut, it’s going to be Entenmann’s. I’m loyal to my childhood like that.)

All in all, it was a really fun and delicious run – and one that I don’t get to do that often at that. There are so few occasions when it’s completely appropriate or a smart use of my time to go galavanting around the city in search of dumplings and donuts. Fortunately, Sunday was one of those days.

Whereas some weekends, it’s nice to rest, I was definitely glad to move my body both on Saturday and Sunday. With my toe still out of whack (could it be tendinitis in one toe? Is that possible?), my next question is whether or not to push myself on the running front this week or to take it easy and find other ways to break a sweat. My gut feeling is that, because pushing myself is what lead to this recurring incident, I should probably stay off my feet. But I also know myself, and a good sunrise will pretty much make the decision for me.


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