A Moment In Running: To New York City and Beyond

Success! On Wednesday, I woke up, did work, and did not run. Did I want to? Absolutely. But instead, I did four quick YouTube videos:

1. Core Fusion Pure Abs & Arms

2. Core Fusion Pilates (note, I’ve never done Pilates beyond this)

3. 8 Minute Abs (twice). I wish I were kidding about this last eighties-inspired video, but I’m not. It’s a solid 8 minutes of ab work that I can do while watching Good Morning America, and I’m not gonna stop. You may judge.

The entire time I was crunching and exhaling, I was also picturing all the amazing places I’ve seen while running; things that are far and few from the floor of my living room. Because I’m not that interesting on days that I don’t run (because what else is there to talk about, I ask you), here’s a view of the inner workings of my brain this morning, in snapshots, while breaking a sweat from somewhere on the 11th floor in midtown.

10. The archways of The University of Michigan that lead to the diag. Running through this concrete structure, with the Ann Arbor campus approaching, is incredibly invigorating.

9. Sometimes, it’s the things you aren’t supposed to see that can wind up being really beautiful. Like this piles of sticks, for instance. This was taken in Central Park, where instead of soaking in the sprawling hills, I found myself staring at these spiraled wooden wheels.

8. Hairy plants looks so much cooler up close. This one looks like it needs to be shaved. I kind of love it.

7. If you’ve never ran past the Flatiron building, do so now, because it’s awesome. Then, take note of the art gallery inside. There is always some urban-cool exhibit, like this one, with what looks to be a silly string fight if the world suddenly froze. I think it’s actually made of fiber glass though, not silly string.

6. Random messages like this one that dictate your life. (I’m really not as cool as this would suggest.) I took this photo while running on the High Line, facing the Hudson River. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

5. If ever there were a place in NYC that felt like I had been transported onto the set of The Secret Garden, it was here, during this one very moment. It’s on the streets of Chelsea. Then a garbage truck went by, but at least I have this photo for proof. Can’t you just hear angels singing?

4. Ah, upstate New York. Grey, gloomy and muddy. The perfect place for a quiet, reflective run around a quiet, reflective lake before a day of fishing, turkey and muenster roll-ups, and bacon dinners.

3. Manhattan has trees too, did you know that? Sometimes, if you get really close and black out the backdrop of cabs and concrete, these tiny segments of wilderness can be really beautiful.

2. NYC is never short of strange sightings, like this sculpture set in Madison Square Park for a majority of the summer. It was during this time that I was training for the Queens Half Marathon – my first and longest race at the time. And on those days when I just didn’t want to be out there in the smoldering heat, I’d jog past this and smile. Because it’s just so incredibly weird.

1. In case you couldn’t tell, these photos were in no particular order. But who doesn’t love a countdown! Anywho, I really would give anything to be back in Jamaica. These early morning escapades really did make all-you-can-eat brunch that much more deserving. And the bubbly with fresh fruit juice hit quicker.

Now it’s your turn. Top 3 favorite moments in running. Or taking pictures. Or taking pictures while running. Go.


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