Piriformis, Here I Come: Pain and Glory

How could anyone in their right mind resist a morning like this? It’s not my fault really, I was lured by sunshine pouring through the buildings.

Naturally, I didn’t heed my advice from Monday. I went running on Tuesday morning, throwing on my glittery ear warmers and heading out into the morning air with far too many layers on for the temperature.

Warm, unlike any day in February should be, Tuesday’s run was both necessary and completely unnecessary at the same time. If you remember from Monday, I’ve been experiencing problems with piriformis syndrome again, an injury which really put a damper on my running last July. If you also remember from yesterday, I decided that I wouldn’t overdo it and would spend today cross training or doing yoga or stretching.

But then I saw this.

Wednesday’s weather < Tuesday’s weather. So instead, I hopped out of bed and geared up for a leisurely 5 miles around the bottom loop of Central Park and home.

To be fair, I really did my best to be smart about my run. I kept a slow, steady pace. I stopped twice, once at the 72nd Street entrance and another time as I exited at Central Park South and 6th Avenue to stretch out my hips, my IT band, and all of the muscles nearby. The run felt really good, and I can’t say I regret doing it. But there is a down side.

Tuesday’s pain was less tennis ball and more hockey puck; hard, acute and less likely to dissipate with the simple nudge of a wrist. By the time I was heading back down 5th Avenue toward my apartment, I was holding my hip as if that would keep it from throbbing. I got home, stretched, took a nice and warm shower, and headed off to work.

Wednesday, I will not run. (I will not run, I will not run.) Maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll stick with my promise. (Mother Nature, now would be the time to shower us with discouraging drops of rain to keep me out of my Asics.) Until then.


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