Sleep Running and Littered Streets

OK, I get it. The Giants won the Super Bowl and New Yorkers took to celebrating in the streets of Manhattan. So where did I miss the part that it’s acceptable to throw bar crap everywhere?

I wanted to stay in bed forever on Monday morning. My body was tired; it was as though I were molded into the mattress for life. But my brain said Get up Stacy, you know you’ll be even more cranky if you get to the office and you haven’t broken a sweat this morning. So that’s exactly what I did. I got out of bed, did a little work, and went out there for about 45 minutes, or roughly 4 miles.

The cold air felt nice, and stumbling on neon-tastic signs is always a plus, but I was by no means awake. My eyes were half closed as I took my first few steps out onto Lexington Ave. A minute later, I was turning left onto 3rd. Avenue when wham. I was hit with an apocalyptic vision of crap. Garbage absolutely everywhere, littering every nook and cranny of the street, of which there are many. Chicken bones, napkins, straws, napkins, cigarettes, napkins, more napkins. It seriously looked like a garbage truck exploded, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to go back inside.

Fortunately, as I ran further east and approached 1st Avenue, the roads became gradually less trash-laden. The U.N. building rose before me and I relaxed a bit. This is the New York I know, not that frat house behind me (though I suppose that’s what you get for living in the area I do).

Today’s run wasn’t the greatest, but I’m really glad I got out there. My calves were a bit sore and, I hate to admit it, but my piriformis has been acting up over the last few days. I massaged the trigger points last night, but I woke up and still felt them throbbing deep in there.

I’m not really quite sure what to call piriformis syndrome, because it’s not exactly an injury, but it’s not not an injury either. Sure, I can still run easily with it. But I’ll pay for it later while sitting at my desk and feeling as though there’s a tennis ball lodged in my hip.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take the day to do cross training or yoga; both of those seem to help, strengthening and stretching the piriformis and the surrounding muscles. What I do know: I can’t let it get as bad as I did last time. Ultimately it caused me to stay off the streets for a month, and it was the longest four weeks of my life. Lesson learned. Though then again, it’s hard to resist morning moments like these.


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