A Weekend to Run, Rest and Seriously Relax

So my long weekend run didn’t quite happen. By the time I cleaned my apartment from ceiling to floor on Saturday morning, it was 10:15, and I had brunch plans at 11:45. Instead, my friend and I snuck in a little under 5 miles, jogging downtown toward Soho and back up through Washington Square Park and Union Square. Not bad, and considering we walked back down to Broadway and Spring from Midtown after brunch, it was a fairly active day.

The run itself was a total success. I felt really good the entire time, and these days, I’m definitely grateful for the conversation. There really is nothing like catching up with someone while exploring all Manhattan has to offer.

Saturday was a fantastic New York day – one I’d been sorely needing for a while. After a few overwhelming weeks at the office, I can’t begin to describe how good it felt to roam the city, stopping into Strand to pick up a few books that I won’t have time to read, hitting up a couple of stores, and generally doing nothing consisting of a deadline. Those moments are rare, and I really treasure them.

Super Bowl Sunday wasn’t quite as productive. Aside from doing a little work for my family’s chocolate store, I pretty much spent it (mom, don’t judge) just a tad hung over in bed watching a Law & Order SVU marathon. Man, I cannot handle my wine, sangria and beer like I used to. But boy do I love Mariska Hargitay.

Needless to say, I didn’t run on Sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny day in New York City; perfect for Central Park. By the time I crawled out of bed at 3:30 though, there was no way I could take advantage of the weather. This is very unlike me, but fortunately, this was also my first day off from running since last Sunday, so I’d say that – while I didn’t exactly use my time well – I didn’t feel too guilty about taking it easy either.

Sunday night, I made up for my laziness by cooking up a Super Bowl feast of homemade chickpea salsa (chickpeas, red onion, yellow and orange pepper, tomato, salt, pepper, olive oil)…

…guacamole (avocado, red onion, fresh tomato, salt, pepper, and had I not forgotten to pick it up, lime)…

…and beans and brown rice (sauteed red onion and yellow pepper with black beans).

Also on the spread was a simple pre-made salad we love from Grand Central Market and smoked mozzarella balls. I decided that, despite the requisite Super Bowl beers, I’d stick to non-alcoholic drinks for the evening.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Overall, between a care-free Saturday, a lazy bones Sunday, and drooling over Madonna singing Like a Prayer in head to toe sequins, I was really able to recharge my battery. Hopefully it carries me through the week. Of course, I’m planning to run tomorrow morning. There is no better way to kick off your week.

And in case you were wondering, my favorite Super Bowl commercial was obviously a tie between the Free Tax one with the little boy who pees in the pool and Clint Eastwood’s Detroit monologue. What was yours?

Happy Monday!


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