Fuel By Words: Friday Morning Street Quotes

It’s so easy to get completely wrapped up in dirty little running thoughts. How many miles should I log? Or, How many days have I run? Or negative splits this, piriformis that (guilty), yadda, yadda, yadda.

Because running is somewhat of a discipline, you can become, for lack of a more interesting way to put it, quite disciplined with it. It’s a catch 22 really, because then again, it’s those same things we’re disciplined about in life that can cause us grief and frustration.

So when I ran past Bergdorf’s this morning while heading down 5th Avenue (I skipped the park today and instead did a big loop down to 1st Avenue, across 59th Street to the southeast corner, and back home), and I saw this, I smiled.

Actually, I ran right past it, but once it registered, I backtracked so I could show all of you. I’m not typically one to slap a quote on the day and say “live by this,” but for now, I think it’s a good reminder if nothing else. (By the way, I don’t mean one pant leg at a time, though I suppose that could be useful advice too.)

Hope everyone enjoys their Friday nights, Saturday mornings, potential Saturday morning runs (I have a great one planned with a friend), and everything in between. And thanks for sticking with me on my first week in the blogosphere! Your readership, feedback and comments are very much appreciated.


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