Strong Runs, Candy Surprises and Glitter Leggings

Nothing wrong with this.

Thursday morning’s run was glorious, beginning with zipping up my hoodie. Leftover Double Bubble and Starburst from godonlyknowswhen? Yes, please!

Since Noah decided to be all ambitious by signing up for the Chicago Marathon and whatnot, he also decided to accompany me on my run this morning – not a common occurrence unless it’s race day. (In all fairness, he leaves work way earlier than I do and has the opportunity to work out at night, whereas I am much more of a morning person. Plus, I’m a sucker for sunrises.)

It wasn’t as warm outside as the past two mornings, but at 42 degrees, I wasn’t complaining. We set out at a slow pace to start, weaving in and out of commuters, basically creating a path based on red lights and green lights. I love that; not having a map to follow and simply flowing with the city streets.

I used to dislike running with people. It threw me off, and took away the personal nature of my mornings. But over time I’ve come to actually enjoy it, as long as I’m not thrown off my pace. With Noah, it can be tough. Not only is he significantly taller than me (proof to the right), but – and I don’t mean to be lame here – he’s got the manly edge on my pace. Note to the you-go-girl types: I’m not saying guys are faster than girls. I know lots of ladies who could zoom past their man. I’m simply not one of them, and I’m totally OK with that.

I’ve learned to start at an unreasonably slow pace when Noah joins me on my jogs. That way, I avoid feeling out of breath during the first half of our route. It’s when you become winded within the first mile that you can really muck up the rest of your morning.

We settled into a decent pace considering that we were running on no breakfast at 7:30 a.m., entering the park at (my favorite for weekday runs) the 72nd Street entrance. The park was gorgeous this morning: kind of overcast but totally calm. Can you think of any better way to start your day? I honestly cannot.

We looped around the bottom of the park, heading over to the west side and back down south before coming to a stop and stretching near some benches.

It’s hard to see it in the pictures, but I’m actually wearing Splendid’s glittery leggings. (Mine are black and very old. Not this style, but you get the point.) I’ve had them forever, and they’re perfect for warmer days like that one with a pair of shorts, or for layering under another pair of thicker leggings when it’s actually winter weather.

Stretching mid-run felt awesome. And for the first time since running the Manhattan half, I feel so, so good again. I feel strong again. My muscles feel loose again. I feel like I could run another race tomorrow if I had to. We flew down 5th Avenue, making our way back to our apartment. (If you ever plan to take this route, stick to 5th and avoid Madison and 6th like bananas on race day. Too many people, not enough sidewalk space. 5th Avenue is super spacious, making it easier to dodge foot traffic.)

When we got home, the shower drain was clogged. I had e-mails to answer. It was back to the real world. But after an incredibly inspirational Thursday morning run, I was definitely ready for it. Especially after downing a few crackers…

…with this mystery nut mix on it.

If anyone can actually translate Hebrew or knows this brand, please tell me where I can pick more of it up. It was a gift, and I’m down to the last spoonful.

Weekend agenda: 8 miles through Central Park with a pal of mine who I’ve convinced to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in D.C. this April. It’ll be my longest run since the half marathon, and I couldn’t be more excited.


4 thoughts on “Strong Runs, Candy Surprises and Glitter Leggings

    • Time to plan a trip to Queens! Actually may be headed there for the Superbowl anyway this weekend. But now there’s the question of the curious hazelnut/almond on the label. Hm.

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