Unseasonably Warm, Slow and Happy Miles Through Central Park

Not that I’m complaining, but seriously, what’s going on with the weather? It’s comparable to mornings in Jamaica, minus the bottomless pina coladas.

OK not really, but my apartment was freezing as per usual when I woke up on Tuesday morning, which made me both want to stay in bed and pull the sheets over my head and put on extra layers once I got my butt up to run. I knew it wasn’t supposed to be particularly cold out there, but I wasn’t expecting a heat wave.

I dressed warmly in – don’t judge – the exact same outfit as I wore Monday. The fact that I took a different route makes that acceptable, right? (Confession: Noah didn’t know, but when I told him, he definitely judged.) Long sleeve Manhattan Half Marathon shirt, thick purple Nike hoodie, Nike fleece gloves and my bedazzled 180s earwarmers. Within seven blocks, one glove was off, and I continued to run the entire bottom half of the Central Park loop a la Michael Jackson.

Wow, was Central Park amazing. I was actually surprised by how few runners were out there at 8:00, though I guess that’s when most normal people shower and go to work. (I’m also assuming most of you found some way to sneak in a run considering the circumstances. If you didn’t, today is supposed to be even better than yesterday.)

My pace was generally slow and comfortable, and I made a serious effort to maintain a steady breath the entire time I was out there. I’m really not a fan of panting, plus, the 10 lunges I did yesterday apparently did a number to my legs. They’re unreasonably sore. Maybe I should get on that. The leisurely pace worked for the most part, until I hit a wind tunnel that made me feel slightly asthmatic, which is weird since I don’t have asthma.

Yesterday was one of those mornings where, while running, all I could think about was how I couldn’t believe I ever got 13 miles out of my legs. Twice. In snow. With a smile. Or that I plan to do it lots more times. (With a marathon thrown in there or something, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Five miles was perfect for the time being, and I was happy to spend a little extra time stretching in front of my apartment building for a few minutes afterward too. Sometimes, I just don’t have it in me to spend more than an hour doing anything – not even watching Storage Wars. (Bold statement, I know.)

I also know that I’ll eventually find the fuel I need to gear up for another long race; and I’ll probably discover it soon. This weekend is the Gridiron Classic in Central Park, which I’m hoping to watch while taking a personal, non-timed run on the sidelines. Good luck to all those out there for the event. Here’s to lots of PRs, Sparkly Soul headband sightings (you know how I love my glitter), and weather that’s as perfect as it was today.


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