Early Weekend Runs & Two-Hour Getaways

I sometimes forget how important it is to escape the claustrophobia of New York City every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it here. Some get overwhelmed by the chaos of it all, but I’ve found ways around that.

Like this morning, for example, when I was fortunate to wake up early enough to sneak in a run around 8:30. Some say I live in the city that never sleeps, but trust me, if you’ve ever been out before 10a.m. on a Saturday morning, everyone is asleep.

This is what it looked like around Washington Square Park, one of my favorite places to frequent on early weekend runs. (I’ll usually run from my apartment in midtown down to Houston, sometimes through Soho, and back up around the park, the Union Square farmers’ market, and home. On weekdays, these areas of the city are entirely too crowded, but on weekend mornings, they’re just right.)

Am I lucky or what? This is my treadmill. And it’s the best place in the world.

But like I said, it is important to venture away from the tall buildings every once in a while, lest they swallow your soul. So with few obligations on my calendar, I decided to take a day trip with my brother to the family’s Connecticut house this afternoon – just for a few hours to check on construction.

I’m not used to seeing our house during the winter since, for the most part, it’s a summer getaway. (A far cry from the Hamptons.) Not surprisingly, our little piece of paradise was still stunning, even in its starkness. Cold? Sure. A bit gray? Definitely. But it was the silence that drew me in. No car horns; no rackety trucks (which I can somehow still hear from 11 floors up); no echoes of screaming drunkards (thanks, strangers, for keeping me up last night).

This is my idea of the perfect day, even if it’s only for an hour or so. (This photo was taken during the summer, by the way. I just love it.)

We finished up the afternoon grabbing a bite to eat at our favorite local grub hub, Bethel Pizza (Marc got pizza, I stuck to a delicious hole-in-the-wall style Greek salad) before heading back to Long Island, where I’ll ride out the rest of the weekend eating lots of chocolate, catching up on sleep, and if I can bear to not run tomorrow, resting my aching right hip (running a half marathon on snow really took its toll, though the reaction was a bit delayed). If you’re on the market for 15 pounds of broken chocolate covered pretzels, you know where to find me.


3 thoughts on “Early Weekend Runs & Two-Hour Getaways

  1. I spent the summer of 2011 in NYC–there is nothing better than an early (by early I mean, like, 7-8am, which isn’t early by NYC week day time standards) morning run. My favorite route was starting at Harold Square, and then going up 5th Ave to Central Park and looping back down 6th back to 34th St. I miss my early morning city runs!

    • So similar to my “typical” weekday runs. I guess you can say that’s the base of my route; and then depending on time constraints, I’ll add in the southern loop of Central Park or run all the way around the reservoir to make it a solid 7 mile run.

      5th avenue is somehow wide enough that, even with commuters, there’s still plenty of space to weave in and out of people. Sometimes I find 6th avenue to get a bit crowded, so I feel like I’m playing frogger too much. (Though with the right music, that can be fun too.)

      I think you’ll really like my next post 🙂 Working on it today. Thanks for commenting!

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