Welcome to the World: Runner, Writer, Glitter Freak

I am a lifelong athlete who developed the perfect point guard stance (and gaping-mouth-while-dribbling look) at the age of, well, looks about three. I was warding off defenders before I could tie my shoelaces. But since a career in the WNBA never happened (or in the fashion industry: hi, pink giraffes), I transfered my love to a sport of a different kind.

I am a runner. Honestly, it sounds weird to say it because I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other at faster speeds than walking for a really long time. Six years now. Actually, I didn’t begin running because I loved racing. I hated racing up until this past summer of 2011, when I signed up and completed my first half marathon. (I figured if I could run seven miles, why not go for 13.1?) I vowed to never participate in another race again, claiming that it ruined the entire reason why I’m so obsessed with running; that I can just go out there and have fun in nature, without the stress of having to succeed at anything. But, as most runners can tell you, once you cross the finish line, you’ll probably cross another. Even if you have to do it in a snow storm. Snow? Doesn’t phase me. It’s breathtaking. Plus, I’m pretty used to it.

I am a University of Michigan alum and, after four fun yet often heart-breaking years in the big house, followed by sorrowful burritos consumed on the walk home, I know more than I thought I ever would about a football team. (By the way, we’re kind of awesome again and, yes, I was at the Notre Dame game this year. Go blue!) Anyway, Ann Arbor is where I first began to run, and it gets cold. Really, really cold. At a time when I was going through a pretty rough patch in my life (identity crisis and the likes), running became a better outlet than I could ever have imagined. Racing past the river, weaving through the arb – those are some of the calmest memories I have of those years. I really don’t know where I’d be without them.

Actually, I do know. I’d probably be fishing with my dad. I am a great fisherwoman. And being out on the water with family is also a great way to find balance and peace. (Did I mention they call me the pickerel queen?)

Or, I might be trying some exciting new cuisine.

Conquering new terrain.

Taking pictures.

Or drinking wine.

So, that’s me, Stacy. I am a New York City-based Editor, Writer and Content Consultant; a really good cook; and the only Lazar who didn’t want to take over the family chocolate store. I’m admittedly addicted to Law & Order reruns, sample sales, white t-shirts, and of course, anything that glitters. It’s not all gold – but it certainly makes life a lot prettier.

Thanks for visiting!


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