Runners’ Recipes

What I’m not: a technical chef by any means. But with a phenomenal cook as a mother and a candy-making background in my blood, let’s just say I can stir different ingredients and spices in a pan and make it taste pretty darn good.

To know: I’m very much a health-conscious vegetable lover. And while I genuinely savor the rich flavors of restaurant dishes – especially at some of my favorite spots in the city – when it’s just me, my kitchen and a wooden spoon, I tend to aim for fuel over flavor; i.e. cooking spray and olive oil over butter, cauliflower over potatoes, and buckets of Parmesan cheese. Because Parmesan cheese by the bucket is healthy, right?

I’m not a vegetarian, but most of my dishes are. The fourth grade version of myself would slap me right now and shove a burger down my throat (or two), but the Stacy of today – and for quite some time now – is adamant about filling her body with whole grains, healthy fats and fish or other non-meat based proteins. It’s what makes me feel the best, as does sitting down with a jumbo bag of frozen dark chocolate peanut m&ms and a tall glass of wine.

Anyway, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Runners’ Recipes”

  1. I like all your recipes.. They are all healthy and fun :)

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