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Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommies out there! To celebrate, a photo of my mom – my Babs – circa some really long time ago.

Things I love about this snapshot: her giant purple sunglasses, her toned arms (pretty sure she never did a push-up in her life), her pretty brown hair all tousled in the wind and whatnot, and the fact that she’s wearing a white t-shirt – my personal go-to outfit. Chocolate families are just fancy like that.

People say my mom and I look a lot alike, in which case, I’ll take it. And a pair of those purple shades.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day! Men, let your ladies run. Women, take full advantage of breakfast in bed. And everyone, buy your mamma some flowers and chocolate. Or at least help out in the kitchen.

As for Noah and I, after a lovely Saturday in New York City (a full recap of Self Workout in the Park, Saturday’s run and Sunday’s activities to come tomorrow), we’re headed out to Long Island for – wait for it – trail running! I may not have a voice, but I’m also lacking a fever, which is awesome.

  • What’s one nice thing you’ll do for mom today?
  • Anyone have any fun or exciting runs planned?