Try Something New. Wear Compression Shorts. Get Weird.


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I’m not typically one for change; I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t handle it well. Needless to say, moving to Philadelphia has been a major change, but despite this, I’ve been reluctant to resist new opportunities that come my way. It’s not a new me, it’s just reality.

New friends (take that, social anxiety).

New running routes (along a couple of pretty cool rivers).

Picture 3

New coffee shop (with a delicious lavender green iced tea, might I add).

New sushi takeout (from small, cheap restaurants that have far exceeded my expectations; Philly food rocks).

No matter where I run though, whether in New York, Philadelphia, or along the rings of Saturn, I have avoided compression shorts like the plague. This was something I held firm on.

Until now.

Picture 13

I bought these Nike compression shorts during the Paragon warehouse sale back in Manhattan’s Union Square. They scared me when I found them, but for $4, I simply couldn’t resist. If nothing else, I figured, they’d make for an excellent Halloween costume — maybe as a California Raisin.

After about two years of laughing at these beauties every time I opened my running drawer, I finally took the plunge. And it was a very, very purple plunge. Clad with massive purple headphones at that.

This was my most recent attempt to try something new (beyond looking like a fool), in hopes that it will inspire me to continue to seek adventure. Following up this first jaunt in compression shorts, I tried on another pair of booty shorts at Lululemon last time I raided their sale section. This attempt didn’t go so well, and I walked out of the store with a deflated ego and two overpriced yet discounted running shorts.

Regardless, as with anything in the running world, we approach these challenges one step at a time. But for now, my steps will be taken in less revealing shorts.

Compression shorts: yay or nay?

When’s the last time you tried something new in fitness?